Police Training Books

Police Training Books are without question an incredible asset when trying to become a police officer. Experienced officers know that failure to prepare for the position of police officer can literally mean getting the job or not.

Below we've detailed some of the best Police Exam and Police Preparation books available.

Master The Police Officer Exam


Probably one of the best Police Exam books available, and even the highest rated by Amazon.  This book promises to: Boost your score with 5-Full Length Police Practice Tests, Prepare for the Oral Board interview and Video-Based Examination, Get advice and guidance on the NCJOPAT and other physical ability tests.  Categories covered include: Traits of a police officer, Duties of a police officer, General Requirements, a typical notice of exam, line functions, staff functions, the Written Examination, Oral Board Interviews, Police Judgment questions, sample questions, police observation and memory, and much more.

Police Officer Exam


Every prospective policeman across the nation must take a written exam. Police Officer Exam provides all the essential test preparation needed to succeed. This guide contains six complete multiple-choice practice exams; chapters on the physical ability test and the personal background interview; a practice police officer suitability test; targeted review in judgment, map reading, memory observation, and recall skills; and a step-by-step preparation system and customizable study schedules. A final chapter discusses additional law enforcement opportunities. A free online practice test is included.

Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Officer Examination


Updated to reflect the most recent exams given across North America, this test prep manual presents four full-length practice exams with all questions answered and fully explained. Tests include two that were actually given by the New York City Police Department. Brand-new in this edition is a completely new diagnostic exam. It contains the latest question types found on recent police entry-level exams and guides candidates in quickly directing and focusing their study efforts. Other helpful features include instruction on writing police reports, advice on making the right impression at an admissions interview, an overview of police officers� responsibilities, and additional practice questions with answers, which follow in-depth explanations of each question type normally found on official police officer exams.

Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book


If you are planning to join the hundreds of thousands of applicants who take the police officer exam each year, you need to score high. In this updated and revised edition of his #1 police exam book, Norman Hall guarantees that you�ll score between 80% and 100% on the exam�or your money back! With Norman Hall�s Police Exam Prep Book, you�ll have everything you need to ace the test, including:
�7 practice tests
�3 full-length police officer exams
�Answer keys and self-scoring tables

�Pointers on avoiding common trouble spots
�Tips for meeting the physical requirements
�Plus: the most up-to-date test-taking strategies

Still worried that you might miss a vital test or question? Relax! Norman Hall�s Police Exam Prep Book includes new test questions and sketch art, and gives you complete coverage of all test subject areas:

�Basic mathematics
�Directional orientation
�Grammar, vocabulary, and spelling
�Reading comprehension
�Report writing
�Situational judgment and reasoning

With the help of Norman Hall�s Police Exam Prep Book, you�ll be able to score high and achieve your dream of becoming a law-enforcement official

Police Sergeant Exam Learning Express


This book covers every kind of police sergeant exam, from traditional multiple-choice test to the increasingly common oral interviews, role-plays, and in basket and assessment exercises.

Police Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain Promotion Exams


Full length practice exams with answer explanations, detailed review of test subjects, tips for anxiety-free oral examination, test-taking techniques and strategies for all question types, sentence coherence, questions on patrol, questions on tactics, constitution and much more.

State Trooper Exam


Competent state troopers have become increasingly important as homeland security concerns have risen. This complete career-prep explains what state troopers do, how they are chosen, what the exam consists of, and how it is administered. The guide contains six complete practice tests based on the actual exam, with additional instructional chapters and targeted practice on the most commonly tested topics: reading comprehension, writing, information ordering, mathematics, spatial/directional orientation, memory/observation, visualization, problem solving, reasoning, judgment, and sensitivity. The nine-step LearningExpress Test Preparation System helps assure a high score.

Police Officer Exam by LearningExpress


Working as a police officer has many advantages, including job security, a good salary, and excellent benefits. Police Officer Exam offers essential test prep for the challenging police offer exam, as we as explaining how to become a police offer, and how the selection process works. Included are six complete police officer exams, with full answer explanations featuring information and practice for all sections of the exam, including Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary and Spelling, Math, Judgment, Map Reading, along with Memory and Recall.

Police Sergeant Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Sergeant Examination)


Revised and updated, this manual prepares police officers to take any of the various exams given throughout the country to qualify for promotion to the rank and responsibilities of police sergeant. A diagnostic test and three full-length practice exams are presented with answers and explanations. Subject review sections cover data analysis, police science, and community policing programs. Added features include brief practice-and-review quizzes and police assessment exercises with explained answers that are based on tests given by major police departments across the United States.

Master the Police Officer Exam, 16/e (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)


Police departments across America are looking for new recruits to join their ranks. To become a police officer, one must pass the written and physical qualifying tests and do well on the Oral Board Interviews. Some states are now using Video Based Examinations as part of their hiring process. This test prep book provides information on all of the above as well as the current employment outlook and salaries of police officers nationwide.

Features and Benefits:
-4 full-length sample tests.
-Practice sample questions in all exam subjects.
-Current career and salary information.
-2 new sections: Oral Board Interviews and Video Based Examinations.
-Fully-updated and revised (previous edition was published in 1999).
-New: National Criminal Justice Officer Physical Ability Test (NCJOPAT) � Orientation and Preparation Guide.

California Police Officer Exam (Learning Express)


California Police Officer Exam provides essential test preparation for police officer candidates throughout California. This thorough guide, completely updated with the assistance of an Executive Board Member of the California Peace Officers Association, features two complete multiple choice practice exams and free access to online practice tests with instant scoring and individualized feedback. Additional chapters cover the physical ability test, personal history statement, oral interview, and psychological assessment. The book also includes targeted review tutorials in judgment, map reading, and memory and observation. California Police Officer Exam includes everything to ensure success � it�s like having the test in advance!

Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement


Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider�s Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement is a serious examination of police work that is directed toward young people who are contemplating a career as a police officer. Author Barry Baker draws on over thirty-two years of experience from some of the most violent streets of any city in the United States to show you the unembellished truths of law enforcement. Baker describes the self-satisfaction that can be found in police work while identifying its pitfalls and how to avoid them. Before ending his career as a detective lieutenant, Baker spent his first twenty years on the force as a patrol officer, making him uniquely qualified to speak from a breadth and depth of experience. Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider�s Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement covers topics a newly trained police officer must appreciate�and master�to ensure success and safety, including the following: Self-evaluation for a police career Recognizing and ignoring bad advice Rapid advancement toward self-sufficiency The immeasurable importance of integrity Matters of life and death Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider�s Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement is a valuable insight for those seeking a career in the honorable and important profession of law enforcement.

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