MagLite Flashlights

 About: MagLite is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity. We seek performance and a reputation reflecting the very best we can achieve. Each Mag Instrument flashlight represents a culmination of more than 20 years of research, development and continuous state-of-the-art refinement in every precision feature. Mag Instrument is proud to be a U.S.A. Manufacturer.

All Mag flashlights are designed, patented and manufactured in the U.S.A. They may contain some imported components and are chosen by professionals worldwide. Maglite offer Limited Lifetime Warranties in the Western Hemisphere and Japan; A Ten-Year Limited Warranty Elsewhere. Maglite flashlights are precision machined high-strength aluminum alloy case with an anodized inside  and out shell for improved corrosion resistance and durability. The water and shock resistant High-intensity adjustable spot-to-flood beam with a twist of the wrist is perfect for law enforcement officers. High-grade rubber seals in every size flashlight. MagLite Design balanced optics and power for improved performance Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap. Mini Maglite´┐Ż flashlight converts quickly to a free standing candle mode with the distinctive shapes, styles and overall appearances of all Mag flashlights, and the circumferential inscriptions extending around the heads of all Mag flashlights are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc. The circumferential inscription on the head of every flashlight signifies that it is an original Mag flashlight and part of the Mag family of flashlights.

Models available:
Switch Assembly C Size 108-023
O Ring, Face Cap, Large 108-026
O Ring, Barrel, D Size 108-027
O Ring, Barrel , C Size 108-028
O Ring, Tail Cap, Old D-Cell 108-029
Clear Plastic Lens, D&C 108-031
D Spring 108-032
C Spring 108-033
Switch Seal Standard, D&C 108-034
Reflector, D & C 108-036
Bulb Protector, D & C 108-037
Reflector, MiniMag AA 108-038
O Ring, Head, Minimag 108-041
O Ring, Barrel, Minimag 108-042
Spring, Minimag AA 108-044
O Ring, Face Cap, Minimag 108-045
Lens, Clear, Minimag 108-046
Charger Lens 108-060
Lens, Clear, AAA 108-063
Reflector, AAA 108-064
O-Ring, Barrel, AAA 108-066
O-Ring, Tail Cap, AAA 108-067
Spring, Solitaire and AAA 108-069
Switch Assembly, AAA Size 108-071
Lens, Blue, D & C 108-078
Lens, Yellow, D & C 108-079
Lens, Red, D & C 108-080
Lens, Clear, D & C 108-081
Head Assembly, Solitaire & AAA 108-089
Tail Cap, AAA Minimag 108-097
Reflector For Mag Charger 108-104
Tail Cap Assembly, Black 108-197
O Ring, Tail Cap, New D 108-207
Switch Assembly D Size, New Type 108-208
Switch Assembly AA Size 108-211
Tail Cap, Dark Green 108-343
Tail Cap, D 200-038
Bulb Retaining Cap, D & C 200-057
Tailcap For Mag Charger 201-00-191
Face Cap, Black, for all Maglie C Size lights 201-157
Tail Cap, Black, for all Maglite D Cell lights 201-191
Face Cap, AA 203-004
Head for Mag Charger 205-000-007
Mag Charger Lens Seal 405-051
Anti-Roll Lens Holder, D 408-021
Repair Kit, Solitaire AK3A094
Accessory Kit, Minimag AM2A016
Holster, Minimag, Plain Leather AM2A026
Nylon Full Flap Holster, AA, Black AM2A056
Repair Kit, Minimag AA AM2A064
Nylon Full Flap Holster, AA, Camo AM2A136
Leather Holster, Minimag/Knife AM2A346
Deluxe Minimag Holster, Cordura AM2A426
Auto Clamps For AA MiniMag AM2A496
Mag Night Vision Green Lens, AA with Holder AM2A618
Mag Infra-Red Lens, AA, Covert with Holder AM2A628
Nylon Full Flap Holster, AAA AM3A026
Repair Kit, Minimag AAA AM3A064
Mag Charger Flashlight Only ARXX014
Mag Charger Unit Only ARXX025
110 v AC Convertor ARXX035
Car Adapter for Charger ARXX045
Battery Stick for Mag Charger ARXX075
Charger Base Bracket for Rechageable Light ARXX088
C Size Belt Holder, Plain ASXC046
C Size Stor-A-Bulb Tail Cap ASXC118
Auto Clamps, 2 per Package ASXD026
D Size Belt Holder, Plain ASXD036
D Size Belt Holder, Basketweave ASXD056
Traffic Wand, Red ASXX07B
Traffic Wand, Yellow ASXX08B
Traffic Wand, White ASXX09B
Repair Kit, For C&D Cell Mag, Old/New Switch ASXX124
Mag D Size Accessory Kit ASXX376
Solitaire Gift Box, Black K3A012
Solitaire Blister Pack, Black K3A016
Solitaire Gift Box, Red K3A032
Solitaire Blister Pack, Red K3A036
Solitaire Gift Box, Grey K3A092
Solitaire Blister Pack, Grey K3A096
Solitaire Gift Box, Silver K3A102
Solitaire Blister Pack, Silver K3A106
Solitaire Gift Box, Blue K3A112
Solitaire Blister Pack, Blue K3A116
Solitaire Gift Box, Dark Green K3A392
Solitaire, Blister Pack, Dark Green K3A396
Solitaire, Black, With Classic Knife K3A492
Black Solitare w/Knife Cavity K3A652
Solitaire Gift Box, Violet K3A982
Solitaire Blister Pack, Violet K3A986
Solitaire Bulb, 2 Pack LK3A001
2 Pack, AA Bulbs LM2A001
Mini Maglite AAA Replacement Lamps
2 Pack LM3A001
2 Cell Mag-Num Star Xenon C or D Replacement Lamps 1/Pk. LMSA201
3 Cell Mag-Num Star Xenon C or D Replacement Lamps 1/Pk. LMSA301
4 Cell Mag-Num Star Xenon C or D Replacement Lamps 1/Pk. LMSA401
5 Cell Mag-Num Star Xenon C or D Replacement Lamps 1/Pk. LMSA501
6 Cell Mag-Num Star Xenon C or D Replacement Lamps 1/Pk. LMSA601
Halogen Bulb for Charger LR00001
2 Cell White Star Krypton C or D Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk. LWSA201
3 Cell White Star Krypton C or D Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk. LWSA301
4 Cell White Star Krypton C or D Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk. LWSA401
5 Cell White Star Krypton C or D Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk. LWSA501
6 Cell White Star Krypton C or D Replacement Lamps, 2/Pk. LWSA601
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Black M2A016
Minimag AA Combo, Black M2A01C
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Black M2A01H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Black M2A01L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Camo M2A026
Minimag AA Combo, Camo M2A02C
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Camo M2A02H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Camo M2A02L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Red M2A036
Minimag AA Combo, Red M2A03C
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Red M2A03H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Red M2A03L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Grey M2A096
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Grey M2A09H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Grey M2A09L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Silver M2A106
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Silver M2A10H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Silver M2A10L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Blue M2A116
Minimag AA Combo, Blue M2A11C
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Blue M2A11H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Blue M2A11L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Dark Green M2A396
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Dark Green M2A39H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Dark Green M2A39L
Minimag AA, Black, With Classic Knife M2A49L
Minimag AA Blister Pack, Violet M2A986
Minimag AA Holster Pack, Violet M2A98H
Minimag AA Gift Box, Violet M2A98L
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Black M3A012
Minimag AAA Blister Pack, Black M3A016
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Red M3A032
Minimag AAA Blister Pack, Red M3A036
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Grey M3A092
Minimag AAA Blister Pack, Grey M3A096
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Silver M3A102
Minimag AAA Blister Pack, Silver M3A106
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Blue M3A112
Minimag AAA Blister Pack, Blue M3A116
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Dark Green M3A392
Minimag AAA Blister Pack, Green M3A396
Minimag AAA Gift Box, Violet M3A982
Mag Charger System 110v RX1019
Rechargeable System with 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter RX2019
Mag Charger System, A/C & Direct Wire 12V Chargers RX6019
Rechargeable System with 12V DC Straight Wire Only RX7019
2 C Cell Flashlight, Black S2C016
2 D Cell Flashlight, Black S2D016
2 D Cell Flashlight, Red S2D036
2 D Cell Flashlight, Grey S2D096
2 D Cell Flashlight, Silver S2D106
2 D Cell Flashlight, Blue S2D116
2 D Cell Flashlight, Dark Green S2D396
3 C Cell Flashlight, Black S3C016
3 D Cell Flashlight, Black S3D016
3 D Cell Flashlight, Camo S3D026
3 D Cell Flashlight, Red S3D036
3 D Cell Flashlight, Grey S3D096
3 D Cell Flashlight, Silver S3D106
3 D Cell Flashlight, Blue S3D116
3 D Cell Flashlight, Dark Green S3D396
4 C Cell Flashlight, Black S4C016
4 D Cell Flashlight, Black S4D016
4 D Cell Flashlight, Red S4D036
4 D Cell Flashlight, Blue S4D116
5 D Cell Flashlight, Black S5D016
5 D Cell Flashlight, Red S5D036
6 D Cell Flashlight, Black S6D016
6 D Cell Flashlight, Red S6D036
Mag 3D Cell, Minimag Lite Pack X01016

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