Gould & Goodrich Holster

Gould & Goodrich have been in business for over 22 years, and many of Gould & Goodrich employees have been in their jobs for much of that time. These dedicated and skilled craftspeople know how things need to be done and take pride in doing them right.

G & G makes your safety demands reliable performance in the unpredictable circumstances of law enforcement.  They don't compromise on quality when it comes to holster, and other police equipment.  Their products are subjected to testing before being placed into production.


When it comes to shoulder holsters, tactical holsters, concealment holsters and even duty holsters, Gould & Goodrich comes through in every aspect.


Available Models:


190-28-44 - Shooter's Belt
190-46-50 - Shooter's Belt
800  - Open Top Two Slot Holster
B800 - Open Top Two Slot Holster
801 - Yaqui Slide Holster
B801 - Yaqui Slide Holster
B802 - Two Slot Pancake Holster
803 - Three Slot Pancake Holster
B803 - Three Slot Pancake Holster
804 - Shoulder Holster
806 - Small of Back Holster
807 - Paddle Holster
B807 - Paddle Holster
B809 - Belt Slide Holster With Thumb Break
810 - Inside Pants Holster
811 - Yaqui Paddle Holster
B811 - Yaqui Paddle Holster
B816 - Ankle Holster Plus Garter
817 - Comfort Paddle Holster
B817 - Comfort Paddle Holster
820 - Handcuff Case
B820 - Handcuff Case
821 - Cuff Case/Mag Case Combo
B821 - Cuff Case/Mag Case Combo
830 - Single Mag Case
B830 - Single Mag Case
831 - Double Magazine Case
B831 - Double Magazine Case
840 - Handcuff Case with Belt Loop
B840 - Handcuff Case with Belt Loop1
841 - Cuff and Mag Case with Belt Loops
B841 - Cuff and Mag Case with Belt Loops
850 - Single Mag Case with Belt Loop
B850 - Single Mag Case with Belt Loop
851 - Double Mag Case with Belt Loops
B851 - Double Mag Case with Belt Loops
860 - Flashlight/Mag Case Combo
B860 - Flashlight/Mag Case Combo
864 - Shoulder Holster Tie Down
B864 - Shoulder Holster Tie Down
870 - Handcuff Case
B870 - Handcuff Case
871 - Cuff Case/Mag Case Combo
B871 - Cuff Case/Mag Case Combo
B716 - BootLock Ankle Holster for Backup
B733 - Three-Slot Pancake Holster
T727- SM to XL  - The Body Guard
F/LB49-24-44   .E-Z Slide Duty Belt
F/LB49-24-44W   - E-Z Slide Duty Bel
F/LB49-46-52   .E-Z Slide Duty Belt
F/LB49-46-52W   - E-Z Slide Duty Belt
F/LB49-54-60   .E-Z Slide Duty Belt
F/LB49-54-60W   - E-Z Slide Duty Belt
F/LB59-24-44   Lined Duty Belt
F/LB59-24-44W - Lined Duty Belt
F/LB59-46-52 -  Lined Duty Belt
F/LB59-46-52W  - Lined Duty Belt
F/LB59-54-60 - Lined Duty Belt
F/LB59-54-60W - Lined Duty Belt
B49-24-44FL4R - E-Z Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
B49-46-52 - E-Z Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
B49-54-60FL4R  - EZ Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H49-24-44C4R  EZ Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H49-46-52C4R  E-Z Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H49-46-52C4RBR  EZ Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H49-54-60C4R - E-Z Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H49-54-60C4RBR - E-Z Slide Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H52-28-44CL - Pants Belt
H52-46-52CL - Pants Belt
H52-54-60CL - Pants Belt
H59-24-44CL - Lined Duty Belt
H59-46-52CL - Lined Duty Belt
H59-54-60CL - Lined Duty Belt
H59-24-44C4R - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H59-24-44C4RBR - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H59-46-52C4R - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H59-46-52C4RBR - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H59-54-60C4R - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
H59-54-60C4RBR - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
B115-24-44 - Ranger Duty Belt
B115-24-44W - Ranger Duty Belt
B115-46-52 - Ranger Duty Belt
B115-46-52W - Ranger Duty Belt
B115-54-60 - Ranger Duty Belt
B115-54-60W - Ranger Duty Belt
B192-24-42 - Sally Browne Duty Belt
B192-24-42W - Sally Browne Duty Belt
B56-26-44 - Velcro Lined Duty Belt
B56-26-44W - Velcro Lined Duty Belt
B56-46-52 - Velcro Lined Duty Belt
B56-46-52W - Velcro Lined Duty Belt
B56-54-60 - Velcro Lined Duty Belt
B56-54-60W - Velcro Lined Duty Belt
B59-24-44FL4R - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
B59-46-52FL4R - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
B59-54-60FL4R - Lined Duty Belt, 4 Row Stitched
B140 - Handcuff Case
B140W - Handcuff Case
H140CL - Handcuff Case
B141 - Handcuff Case
B141W - Handcuff Case
H141CL - Handcuff Case
B580 - - Round Bottom Handcuff Case
B580W - Round Bottom Handcuff Case
H580CL - Round Bottom Handcuff Case
B583 - Round Bottom Handcuff Case
B583W - Round Bottom Handcuff Case
H583CL - Round Bottom Handcuff Case
B596 - Double Handcuff Case
B596W - Double Handcuff Case
H596CL - Double Handcuff Case4
B597 - Double Handcuff Case
B597W - Double Handcuff Case
H597CL -Double Handcuff Case
B670 - Handcuff Case
B670W - Handcuff Case
H670CL - Handcuff Case
B70 - Handcuff Case
B70W - Handcuff Case
H70CL - Handcuff Case
B71 - Handcuff Case
B71W - Handcuff Case
H71CL - Handcuff Case
B83 - Handcuff Strap
B83W - Handcuff Strap
B85 - Open Handcuff Case
B85W - Open Handcuff Case
B122 - Key Strap
B122W - Key Strap
H122CL - Key Strap
B598 - Silent Key Holder
B598W - Silent Key Holder
H598CL -Silent Key Holder
B72 - Key Strap With Flap
B72W - Key Strap With Flap
H72CL - Key Strap With Flap
B481 - Mini-Mag Flashlight Holder
B481W - Mini-Mag Flashlight Holder
H481CL - Mini-Mag Flashlight Holder
B493C - Flashlight Holder
B493CW - Flashlight Holder
H493CCL - Flashlight Holder
B493D - Flashlight Holder
B493DW - Flashlight Holder
H493DCL - Flashlight Holder
B615 - Double Ring Flashlight Holder
B615W - Double Ring Flashlight Holder
H615CL - Double Ring Flashlight Holder
B641 - M3 Light Holder
B641-W - M3 Light Holder
H641-3CL - M3 Light Holder
B672 - Flashlight Case
B672-W - Flashlight Case
H672-CL - Flashlight Case
B127 - Hidden Cuff Key Belt Keeper
B127W - Hidden Cuff Key Belt Keeper
H127CL - Hidden Cuff Key Belt Keeper
B129 - Quad Snap Belt Keeper
B129W - Quad Snap Belt Keeper
H129CL - Quad Snap Belt Keeper
B142 - Belt Keeper, Velcro
B142W - Belt Keeper, Velcro
H142CL - Belt Keeper, Velcro
B76 - Double Snap Belt Keeper
B76W - Double Snap Belt Keeper
H76CL - Double Snap Belt Keepers 4 pk
B525 - PR24 Baton/Flashlight Holder
B525W - PR24 Baton/Flashlight Holder
H525CL - PR24 Baton/Flashlight Holder
B560-21 - Baton Holder
B560-21W - Baton Holder
H560-21CL - Baton Holder
B560-26 - Baton Holder
B560-26W - Baton Holder
H560-26CL - Baton Holder
B73 - Baton/Flashlight Holder
B73W - Baton/Flashlight Holder
H73CL - Baton/Flashlight Holder
B149 - MK VI Aerosol Holder
B149W - MK VI Aerosol Holder
H149CL - MK VI Aerosol Holder
B549 - Open Top Aerosol Holder
B549W - Open Top Aerosol Holder
H549CL - Open Top Aerosol Holder
B681 - Aerosol Case
B681-W - Aerosol Case
H681-CL - Aerosol Case
B682 - Aerosol Case, Hidden Snap
B682-W - Aerosol Case, Hidden Snap
H682-CL - Aerosol Case, Hidden Snap
B533 - Magazine Case/Cuff Holder
B533-W - Magazine Case/Cuff Holder
H533-CL - Magazine Case/Cuff Holder
B627 - Double Magazine Case
B627-W - Double Magazine Case
H627-CL - Double Magazine Case
B628 - Single Magazine Case
B628-W - Single Magazine Case
H628-CL - Single Magazine Case
B629 - Double Magazine Case, Hidden Snap
B629-W - Double Magazine Case, Hidden Snap
H629-CL - Double Magazine Case, Hidden Snap
B637 - Quad Magazine Case
B637-W - Quad Magazine Case
H637-CL - Quad Magazine Case
B162 - Speedloader Case
B162W - Speedloader Case
H162CL - Speedloader Case
B614 - Pager Holder
B616 - Epaulet Microphone Holder
B651 - Universal Radio Case
B651-W - Universal Radio Case
H651-1CL - Universal Radio Case
B652 - Universal Swivel Radio Case
B652-W - Universal Swivel Radio Case
H652-1CL - Universal Swivel Radio Case
B653 - Radio Swivel Belt Loop
B654 - Radio Case
B654W - Radio Case
H654CL - Radio Case
B407 - Round Clip-On Badge Holder
B408 - Shield Clip-On Badge Holder
B567 - Undercover Badge Holder
B575 - Round Clip-On Badge Holder
B576 - Shield Clip-On Badge Holder

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