Galco Holster

About Galco Holsters: Galco Holsters are without question one of the finer holsters out there. Their superb quality is second to none. In fact, in all the manufacturers that produce holsters that we've seen, we put Galco at the top.

Galco holsters are made with the finest materials available and are molded precisely to specific firearms. Their holsters may appear to fit too tight at first, but this is by design. Galco engineers thier holsters to fit tightly, knowing the leather fibers will relax to proper fit with use. Some of Glaco's most popular models (the Miami Classic and SSII shoulder systems) have the same  holster components and double ammo carrier. The main difference is in the harness when it comes to the Galco holster. While the Miami Classic harness is made with all four straps of equal width, the SSII harness becomes wider over the shoulder area, which separates the two. The Miami Classic on the other hand is the most popular and some say it is easier to conceal your weapon, as well as cooler look with the narrow straps. Still others feel that the SSII's wider harness is more comfortable.

If you're looking for a complete and well designed holster, we highly recommend Galco. Their holsters are truly second to none.

Styles available from Galco:

Ankle Holsters
Waist Packs
Belt Holsters
Ammo Carriers
Inside The Pants Holsters
Paddle Holsters
Shoulder Holsters
Western Style Single Action Holsters
Sporting Collection
Belly Bands
Gun Purses

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