Code 3 Police Lights

About code 3 Police Lights: Code 3 Inc. Police Lights and LED Lights, engineers, manufactures and markets a full line of lighting and sound-based warning devices used by professionals in emergency response, utility, service fleet, and industrial settings.  More importantly, the emergency lights are considered some of the top used LED's in the industry.  Code 3? has been in business since 1974. Their goal is to become the preferred value leader for innovative emergency lighting and warning products.  Their police lights are designed for installation on emergency response vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and wreckers. This full-line of lightbars, flashers, sirens, and speakers, includes such well-known products as MX7000?,ArrowStik?, Code 360?, D-Tech?, Excalibur?, LED X? and Javelin?.

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Available Models:

Code 3 6105-R 15.5" Roof Mount
Code 3 6105M-R 15.5" Roof Mount
Code 3 LB420-A 16.5" Roof Mount, Amber Lens
Code 3 LB420-CR 16.5" Roof Mount
Code 3 LB420-R 16.5" Roof Mount, Red Lens
Code 3 LB420S-CB 16.5"
Code 3 LB420S-CR 16.5" Suction Cup/Magnetic Mount
Code 3 LB420S-R 16.5" Suction Cup/Magnetic Mount, Red Lens
Code 3 LX1F-A LED X Deck Light, Amber Flashing, LED
Code 3 LX1F-R LED X Deck Light, Red Flashing , LED
Code 3 LX2F-RB LED X Deck Light, Red/Blue Flashing, LED
Code 3 LX2F-RR LED X Deck Light, Red/Red Flashing, LED
Code 3 LX2F-WW LED X Deck Light, White/White Flashing, LED Double, Lighter
Code 3 RVMHA-RB Halogen Deck Light-Double, Red / Blue, Halogen, Lighter Plug
Code 3 RVMHA-RR Halogen Deck Light-Double, Red / Red, Halogen, Lighter Plug
Code 3 3920 Remote Compact Siren 100w,Lighted controls
Code 3 Z100LP Low Profile Speaker 100w

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