911 EP Police Lights

Since 1995, 911EP have built a reputation of innovation and extremely quality in the emergency police lights industry. We were the first company to recognize the role that emerging light emitting diode technologies would play in this market, earning us the title, "The solid state warning light leader." Design, engineering, product assembly, testing and customer service functions are performed at our corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. As a customer service driven organization, we always strive not only to meet, but to exceed, the expectations of our customers.


911ep's GALAXY™ and GALAXY Elite™ systems are without question the most advanced LED Light Bars on the market. A complete 360-degree lighting system with extremely low amperage draw, the GALAXY™ line uses our signature low profile design and is engineered to provide superior aerodynamics and greater fuel savings than other light bars. The revolutionary modular design of the GALAXY™ line provides incredible flexibility. GALAXY™ MTO is a custom Made-To-Order system that allows you to design your perfect light bar, from economy to deluxe, to work within your department's budget. The Galaxy is available in 36, 42, 48 and 54. The Galaxy Elite is available in 48, 54, and 60. Modules on the leading and trailing edge can be interchanged to allow for various combinations of LED colors, blanks and up to 400 watts of takedown lights while still conforming to SAE and Title 13 requirements.


911EP introduced LEDs to the emergency warning-light industry years ago for law enforcement in mind.  So who better to advance the state of the art? The new combined TD/WL series of high visibility lighting to gives you more affordable, innovative options in the field. The TD/WL series combines our renowned Traffic Director and Warning Light technologies into remarkable, multitasking single units with even greater brightness. Advanced engineering from 911EP combines the best of both 911ep's Traffic Director and Warning Light series into single units. Featuring both traffic-direction and warning-light patterns in one bar, the TD/WL series promises the brightness of their predecessors. The TD/WL has carefully engineered shrouds for more versatility and an encapsulated design to prevent moisture damage. The rear corded design is available with numerous directional and warning light patterns.

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