Police Chase Ends In Motorcycle Crash

A man running from the police on a motorcycle learned his fate when Spanish Police decided enough was enough. The police chase video captured close up footage of the man being struck by an undercover police car, causing the man to fly over the hood of the car, flip over and land on the cement. The police officers were not too happy about the police pursuit after the crash either as this police video clearly shows.

Police Chases are one of the most highly criticized yet most publicized functions of most police departments. The dangers involved in pursuits to police officers and the public have led to countless lawsuits and deaths. However, depending on which side you listen to, there are valid arguments for each case. The police say if they no longer pursue criminals, the bad guys will simply start running, knowing they will get away. The other side of the coin is that some people feel that police officers should only chase for violent crimes.

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