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    NAPWDA or USPCA Certification?

    I am a firm believer in Certification of the Police K-9 from an objective 3rd Party/Organization whether it is a state organization or one on the National Level such as the United States Police Canine Association or North American Police Working Dog Association. I no longer train for the USPCA standards because IN MY OPINION, their certification for the Patrol K-9 is not very realistic. I don't know about anyone else, but I've never had to search several wooden boxes for a suspect (reminds me of searching blinds like they do in Shutzhund Trials) - although I have had to search several buildings for one. Also, not many of my suspects run away from me with their arm presented nor do they have a sleeve on. I like NAPWDA because it is more consistent with the realistic training that we conduct on a daily basis. Seems USPCA is reluctant to change the rules concerning useage of a bite suit by decoys - and hold fast to using the sleeve. When we perform proficiency training, our decoys do not present an arm (target) for the k-9 to apprehend - they run just as any suspect would and the K-9 has already been trained (during initial training) where to target. My partner will hit high on the shoulder (left or right) if an arm is not readily available, knocking even experienced decoy's to the ground while maintaining the same bite. He outs immediately and is so solid on his outs that several of my decoys have worn street cloths (no trial jacket or hidden sleeves) when we conduct recalls. In training we utilize soft hidden sleeves, trial jacket and street clothing, jute sleeves and leather sleeves, muzzle work and a full bite suit - mixing it up constantly so it is not an equipment issue. I think if a dog does not out when commanded the first time - the team should not be able to certify that day - but teams have certified because they received enough overall points to certify. I also like searching buildings for cert rather then boxes - because IRL we either search open areas or buildings and that is what we do when we conduct proficiency training. Narc searches and tracking are very similiar in both organizations and I personally don't have any problems with either one.

    Anyone else have an opinon?
    Go ahead and run.....my k-9 partner loves the exercise

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