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    How do I deal with my psycho neighbor?

    Shes probably in her late 60s/early 70s. She lives with her son who is in his mid 30s his son who is probably 12 or so and a 3 year old boy who is her granddaughters. The family is obviously on welfare or some kind of public assistance, none of them work. The apartment they are in can't be more than 2 bedrooms.. I think child protective services has been on her case in the past for the little one that lives with her. She is CONSTANTLY screaming and slamming every door. She threatens the boy all the time.. One day when I was pulling in the little boy was sitting in the window looking around and you could see someone had grabbed his legs and pulled him down and he hit his head off the windowsill . I have called the cops on her once when she was screaming out in the hallway threatening my boyfriend.When the cops came she answered the door with "I didn't hit him" referring to the boy. After that I think CPS got back on her and all was quiet for a while. Now that they haven't been around she has gone totally psycho again....She's constantly calling the cops for the most ridiculous things ever, she accused us of stealing some backpack that was out in the hallway that is shared and the cops came for that. She throws cigarette butts in our mailbox. I put a sign up saying they they are not ours and to stop throwing them in our mailbox. She wrote on the sign "I dont smoke". My boyfriend does smoke but the cigarette butts shes throwing in the mailbox are definitely not ours and not our brand. After we put the sign up she continued throwing them in our mailbox and we have watched her do it from our windows. I caught her son going through our garbage can in the backyard. She has an attitude as if she owns the place. I'm fairly certain I pay far more than her in rent, or pay more than her section 8 does. I have contacted the landlord and he says that they are working on getting rid of her but this is the same thing he said probably 6 months ago, his advice to me was to call CPS on her...... I don't know what to do anymore. I work as a caregiver in a home across the street and I really don't want to move. I work overnights and I can barely get any sleep because of her yelling/slamming and on top of that the stress of the cops coming once a week, even though they know she is bat**** crazy. I just do not want to deal with it anymore. Anything I can do?

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