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    Lousiana: Blue LED Lights on a motorcycle

    Hey Guys,

    I currently live in Louisiana, and I just recently purchased a used motorcycle from a gentlemen in Mississippi. The motorcycle in question has blue LED lights along the bottom of the Tank. The lights really make you stand out, increasing your visibility to other motorists. However I don't know if it's illegal to ride with those lights on. The previous owner told me that he though it was legal to ride with them in LA, of course that's just his hearsay.

    A week or so after getting the bike, we took a trip about 2 hours away to a Cycle Gear shop. A cop happen to come into the Cycle Gear and I asked him hypothetically whether it's legal or not, his reply was "I don't really know for sure, but I personally wouldn't pull you over for it". Granted this was his personal view from a Baton Rouge Police officer (not the city I live in), not the state police or other law enforcement agencies.

    I've done some researching on LA state laws and such, but to be completely honest it all sounds Greek to me. I'll post what I did find and if anyone can translate it into laymen terms, tell me if that's the law that pertains to my situation. Any advice, help, and / or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    RS 32:327 Special restrictions on lamps:

    327. Special restrictions on lamps

    A. Any lighted lamp or illuminating device upon a motor vehicle, other than head lamps, spotlamps, auxiliary lamps, flashing turn signals, emergency vehicle warning lamps and school bus warning lamps, which project a beam of light of an intensity greater than 300 candlepower shall be so directed that no part of the high intensity portion of the beam will strike the level of the roadway on which the vehicle stands at a distance of seventy-five feet from the vehicle.

    B. No person shall drive or move any vehicular equipment upon any highway of this state with any lamp or device thereon displaying a red or green light visible from directly in front of the center thereof. This section shall not apply to any vehicle upon which a red or green light visible from the front is expressly authorized or required by this Chapter or by regulation of the department.

    C. Flashing lights are prohibited except on authorized emergency vehicles, school buses, or on any vehicle as a means of indicating a right or left turn, or the presence of a vehicular traffic hazard requiring unusual care in approaching, overtaking or passing.

    D. No person shall sell a dashboard, hood, vehicle front grill, or vehicle roof mounted emergency light that emits a blue or red glow, or that emits a glow in any combination of the colors red, white, and blue, to any person who is not a peace officer, a firefighter, or a person employed in the performance of emergency or public utility services. No person shall possess such an emergency light except peace officers, firefighters, public utility, and emergency personnel. However, vehicles which are owned and operated by members of nonprofit corporations as provided in R.S. 12:201 et seq. and which are tax exempt in accordance with Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, for exhibition in shows, parades, tours, and other special events and not for general transportation may be equipped with alternately flashing red lights and these lights may have sufficient intensity to be visible at five hundred feet in normal sunlight, provided that such use shall only be allowed when the vehicle is participating in exhibitions, shows, parades, tours, and other special events, and not for general transportation. The secretary by rule shall establish the criteria to be used in determining which persons, other than members of such nonprofit corporations, qualify to purchase or possess emergency lights as described in this Subsection.

    Acts 1962, No. 310, 1; Acts 1993, No. 858, 1; Acts 1995, No. 56, 1.

    Thank you very much, I look forward to reading your replies

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    Basically how I'm reading that is that nobody with the exception of peace officers will have lights mounted that emit a blue glow. You could argue I suppose that the section doesn't specifically mention "under gas tank" lights. Reading the code I believe the intent is to keep people from operating vehicles with red, green, or blue lights mounted on them.

    I guess the common sense thing for you to do would be to look around you and see how many other vehicles you see driving down the road with glowing blue lights... then decide if it is worth it to stick out in the crowd with the potential of getting a ticket.
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    Your selective outrage is hypocritical. Don't you have an anti-war rally to attend where you can go burn some American flags with your hippie buddies?

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    First, blue is the least-visible color at night. BS on your story.

    Second, the location of the lighting you describe provides no additional visibility. BS on your story.

    Third, blue is for cops. Period. You want blue? Take the test and get the job.

    Get rid of your Fast & Furious cranker LED lights.

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