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    Arrest being delayed for Multipe Rape?

    So a close relative of mine is involved in an unbelievable situation. Continued rape and abuse over multiple years, starting at 7 years old. The offenders were related, but not immediate family. A teenager has been arrested, but now it has come out the parents of the teen were also heavily involved. The victims family was put in contact with SLED, and told they would handle the investigation. Although the no rapes happened in the past year (that we know of), the offenders had told the victim multiple times that she should kill herself, even specifying the place and method she should use. Since this all happened several years ago, there is no immediate evidence, although the teen did confess. There were such terrible things done to her that it is almost unbelievable. She is constant fear, as the offenders live locally. SLED told the family that it could be up to a month until they make an arrest, and if a bigger situation comes up somewhere else, this would have to be put on hold. The whole family is in terror 24/7, is this normal for this to take this long?

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    They are building a criminal case, and that involves gathering evidence, completing reports, getting lab results, submitting the case to the prosecutors, waiting for them to review it, get a judge to approve the warrant, possibly going to a Grand Jury, and lots of other things.

    Each of those steps takes time. It's frustrating, but it's important to follow the proper procedure.
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