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07-08-10, 03:06 PM
Last December I was in a car accident and wanted to know if it is possible to get a transcript of the call I made to 911. While my husband was driving a car swerved into us. The other car did not stop. I called 911 and was able to give the dispatcher the complete license plate number. By the time we pulled over (we had to follow the car to get the number) and found a working pen I couldn't remember all the numbers on the plate. I gave my insurance company all the info I had (I was 1 number short). The lawyer for my insurance company now would like me to verify the number that I gave to 911. I apologize if this question was already asked. I did check the FAQ section before posting and although some threads came up, when I read them they didn't answer the question. Thank you for your time.

07-08-10, 03:15 PM
Yes, a copy of the call can be obtained.

Your lawyer (or the one for your insurance company) should already know how to do that, by getting a subpoena from court.

I would think, though, that it would not be necessary to do that. If you called 911 and reported that a car hit you and left, and gave a description and license plate number, every department in my state would be required to take a police report for Leaving the Scene of an Accident, which is a crime.

It would be much easier to get a copy of the report (which would have all the information in it) than to get the 911 tape.


07-08-10, 05:49 PM
Unfortunately the person who filled out the report put down very little information. They certainly did not put down important details like the license plate number, etc.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

07-08-10, 06:00 PM
To qualify the answer, it may or may not be currently available. It depends on how long departments keep those tapes before they are deleted (at least the ones not requested for court). It's possible that the tape may have been deleted after a month, or 3 or 6 or whatever the length because they did not receive any request to keep it.

07-08-10, 10:09 PM
Something to remember. If you follow a car that leaves the scene then you, too, have left the scene.

07-09-10, 01:08 AM
Actually around here, 911 tapes are public infomation.

Have you went in and asked if you could get a copy?

07-09-10, 05:14 AM
If you can get a copy, be prepared to pay some type of fee for copying services. My former Agency had an established schedule for everything under FOIA. It pays largely for the employees time performing Civil tasks, which your request would fall under, which are not taxpayer funded activities.

You may not need a subpoena if you can file for it under FOIA, either.

07-09-10, 09:51 AM
In Philadelphia the tapes are public information? Where would I got to get a copy?

07-09-10, 10:07 AM
I would think the lawyer for your insurance company would know how to do that. Insurance companies get all that information all the time. Isn't that why you pay premiums?

I'd call him and put it back in their pocket.

07-09-10, 10:13 AM
Actually around here, 911 tapes are public infomation.

Have you went in and asked if you could get a copy?

In Philadelphia the tapes are public information? Where would I got to get a copy?

I believe kels' reply refers to his local jurisdiction, which if you look at his location in in Kansas. Kels feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

07-10-10, 11:38 PM
What part of Philadelphia were you in? Were you on the Interstate?

The State Police cover the interstate. If you want a copy of that conversation then you need to get a subpoena from a lawyer. We also keep our recorded lines for at least a year (to the best of my knowledge) so that shouldn't be an issue.

Also, let me know if it was a Trooper so I can harass whoever didn't put the alleged tag into the crash report. That is Police 101.

07-11-10, 12:10 AM
If there were no injuries and both cars were driveable...then no report is required in PA and a lot of times there simply wont be a report.

Was the other driver ever found/charged ?

07-11-10, 12:28 AM
If there were no injuries and both cars were driveable...then no report is required in PA and a lot of times there simply wont be a report.

I know I've seen some departments do Hit and Runs as non-reportables when the other driver is identified. However, it sounds like it's a full-fledged Hit and Run, in which case there should be a full report. At least, by PennDOT standards there should be a full report done.

Of course, is Philly PD handled it, who knows. No PA laws ever seem to apply to the City of the First Class - Philadelphia.

07-11-10, 09:50 AM
Go to the PD. Ask them directly how you would go about it. Perhaps they have the form there for you to complete under the "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA).

You may wish to consult this chart to assist you in identifying what precinct you need:

Philadelphia Police Department | Partners (http://www.phillypolice.com/about/contact)

07-14-10, 10:12 PM
Thank you to everyone who has replied. You have been really helpful. I went to the Police Accident/Incident Reports Unit at City Hall. They were unable to find a report on my accident. They too told me that a report should have been filled out based on my 911 call. They told me to go to the Police District near the accident. I went there and explained my situation and gave the guy at the counter all my information. He came back with a report number that he thinks could be mine. He wasn't sure. I looked it up online and it wasn't mine. I even searched accident reports on ppdonline and nothing. I searched all different ways and nothing comes up. It is like the accident never happened. One of the biggest problems is that a cop never came out to take our report. The weather was getting worse and after a while we ended up leaving because I was afraid we were going to get in an accident on the way home. We stopped at the nearby PD and they gave us an incident report to fill out and send to Harrisburg and we did that right away. I can't tell you how many accidents we passed on the way home. An accident on the Blvd is pretty much the norm, but there were alot more then usual due to the weather. I was just grateful that no one was hurt as a result from my accident. MCSAP is probably right - if there were no injuries, which there weren't and both cars were driveable, which they were, then a report probably did not get filed. Although this is a hit and run so you would think some kind of report would have been filed just for that. When the 911 operator asked if someone was hurt I should have lied and said yes. Both my husband and I are very honest people and would hate to waste a cop or firefighter's valuable time, especially on a day like that, but at least if I would have said I was hurt someone would have to come to the scene, then I would have a report. I believe the person who hit my car denied it. I am not sure who followed up with them, the insurance company or the police. It sounded like my insurance company. The car that hit mine was a cab and I gave the 911 operator every detail about the cab - the license plate #, name of the cab company, phone number on cab, cab number, some other number that was on the side of the cab, the color of the cab and even the advertisement that was on top of the cab. I couldn't possibly make that stuff up. So what happened to my call? My insurance company and their lawyer want to verify that I gave them the correct license plate #. The partial number that I gave them (I was 1 # short) came back as a different cab company as the owner instead of the one that was written on the cab. So now they are questioning that. I am willing to bet that the license plate didn't belong on that cab in the first place that is why the driver didn't stop. Unfortunately the entire # and other details are all on the 911 call. I was told that they will only subpeona for the 911 call if it goes to court which it probably won't because the claim is not worth $$$$$.

07-14-10, 10:26 PM
I'm sorry that you couldn't find a report on the crash. A report should have been filed for a hit and run crash. Philadelphia PD is a big department with a lot going on at all times. I don't know if an officer wasn't cable to come out for a specific reason or some other much larger incident (i.e. - shooting, etc.) occurred at the same time. I've known more then a few Philadelphia PD officers and they have the best intentions but sometimes the workload in that city is just too overwhelming. I've worked with them a few times in the same car and their radios never stop.

Good luck with your insurance company and the repairs.

07-14-10, 10:46 PM
I am definately not blaming or being upset because a cop did not come out to my accident. I know how busy they are. I totally get that there were and are way more important issues being dealt with. In Philadelphia, these days, there are not enough cops to go around. On that particular day, with all the accidents caused by the weather and poor driving conditions (not sure why we were out in the first place), I honestly didn't expect a cop to come out at all and especially not right away. The file of accident reports that happened on the Blvd for that same day was huge. I was just really hoping that there was an accident report somewhere. Thank you, again, for your advice. I love this forum. I find it very interesting.