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View Full Version : Online Explorer Meeting

05-20-10, 01:34 AM
I would like to start a thread to go over topics both used in challenges and law enforcement, or military in general. If you have any questions or would like some more information relating to Explorers please feel free to ask.

This Explorer section has been searching for a purpose for awhile and I think we can make one. Any officers wishing to go over a topic and provide some online training would be helpful to the effort in turning this section of the board away from "should explorers get badges" concept.

A list below are some of the topics covered at regional and national challenges.

• Arrest and Search Techniques
• Bomb Threat Response
• Burglary In Progress
• Crime Scene Search:
• Domestic Crisis Intervention
• Emergency Field First Aid
• Hostage Negotiation
• Shoot / Don't Shoot
• Traffic Accident
• Traffic Stop
• White Collar Crime

05-20-10, 02:01 AM
The first topic I would like to go over is the Use of Force Continuum; force continuum shows the progression of force used by Law Enforcement and military watch standards in the field. This should not be used as a Police Explorer; remember your best weapon is the radio.

National Institute of Justice Defines the levels of force as-

Officer Presence — No force is used. Considered the best way to resolve a situation.
The mere presence of a law enforcement officer works to deter crime or diffuse a situation.
Officers' attitudes are professional and nonthreatening.

- Explorer Review - The power of arrest by Police Officer’s grant Peace Officers considerable more authority, power and responsibility than the average citizen; the presence alone has raised awareness of civilians around them thus is a passive form of force. Officer’s presence does not apply to plane clothes Officer’s as they are not easy identifiable as a Police Officer until they use verbal commands identifying themselves as a Police Officer.

Verbalization — Force is not-physical.
Officers issue calm, nonthreatening commands, such as "Let me see your identification and registration."
Officers may increase their volume and shorten commands in an attempt to gain compliance. Short commands might include "Stop," or "Don't move."

Empty-Hand Control — Officers use bodily force to gain control of a situation.

Soft technique. Officers use grabs, holds and joint locks to restrain an individual.
Hard technique. Officers use punches and kicks to restrain an individual.

Less-Lethal Methods — Officers use less-lethal technologies to gain control of a situation.
(See Deciding When and How to Use Less-Lethal Devices. )

Blunt impact. Officers may use a baton or projectile to immobilize a combative person.

ASP Baton (http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=OVYWMESM0-A)

Chemical. Officers may use chemical sprays or projectiles embedded with chemicals to restrain an individual (e.g., pepper spray).

- Explorer Review - Pepper Spray = Oleoresin Capsicum or OC; is normally used by Law Enforcement authorities in order to regain compliance from combative individuals who choose to not follow instructions or resist arrest. Police/Military Strength products are considerably more powerful than street versions. Product's are offered in verious different size's of canister, and discharge methods such as foam, stream or combination of the two. Range of 5-15 FT

YouTube - OC Spray Navy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBUPFsbe3CQ)

Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs). Officers may use CEDs to immobilize an individual. CEDs discharge a high-voltage, low-amperage jolt of electricity at a distance.

- Explorer Review - The most common device's used in the field are produced by Taser International. These devices can be shot at a distance or used a stun device. "Ride the Lightning" refers to the electricy discharge. Range 20-30 FT

YouTube - BTC Police Academy Taser "Training" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl_T7IRBr_Y)

Lethal Force — Officers use lethal weapons to gain control of a situation. Should only be used if a suspect poses a serious threat to the officer or another individual.
Officers use deadly weapons such as firearms to stop an individual's actions.

The Use-of-Force Continuum | National Institute of Justice (http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij/topics/law-enforcement/use-of-force/continuum.htm)

06-03-10, 09:31 PM
Police Exploring is a very unusual program providing a in depth look into Law Enforcement and the agency in which the Post is attached. Post strive to provide a mix of practical hand on training while maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere. As many young Explorers join the program they are amazed at the mature atmosphere, responsibilities and privileges granted to them as they progress in the program by a trusting department. Some new Explorers are blinded by the possibility to wear that new duty gear, bullet-resistant vest, and radio. With added responsibility and privilege can result in the assumption they may carry more authority than any other citizen; they do not. Users throughout the Police Explorer forum have stated not only un-lawful activities, but against BSA Policy; if these events truly happened as they mentioned it could lead to legal action against the department and possibly the post. This forum is a relatively safe environment with many Officers willing to provide information and assist, but keep in mind skewing events or fabricating altogether you will be quickly labeled, and may be used against you for administrative action by your own post and department. If you’re Chief of Police or Explorer Advisor read your post would he approve?