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02-27-10, 12:56 PM
I have a vintage blue light that's taking up too much space.

Here in Virginia, VSP used these from 1985 and began moving to strobe lightbars in 1995. I don't think these are in use anywhere, with LED being all the rage these days (I read even Michigan SP has LEDs now), but I'm not sure and therefore am not comfortable listing this in a general audience place like eBay.

My light is model CJ284. It is 10-11 inch diameter and about 11 inch high with a stainless base containing 100W speaker. It has 4 sealed beam lamps and a blue dome. Belt driven and belt does not slip, works real nice when attached to car battery. No siren controller or mounting ring. The steel base and retaining clamp are in good clean shape and the plastic blue dome lens is in good shape and the minor scuffing look like they will be easily polished out with novus.

Please register your interest in this thread if you would like to see photographs or otherwise learn more about the light. I am in Virginia, USA, and can deliver worldwide.

04-06-10, 03:22 PM
Was wondering if you still had the light? How much? Pictures? Thanks