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01-30-10, 01:47 PM
I'm trying to organize a beat down session or mixed wrestling session on craigslist.

Is this illegal?

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

There will be absolutely no sex, and no nudity.

Just a woman putting me in wrestling holds.

There will be no audience or addmission fees.

I will pay her for it though...so will that make it illegal?

I want to live out my fetish, but I don't want to go to jail for it.

01-30-10, 02:04 PM
How about you read the TOS and do an intro?

01-30-10, 02:07 PM
Please explain why you think it may be illegal.

01-30-10, 02:07 PM
Couple thoughts...

We don't know Indy's local ordnances.

Even if we did, we aren't lawyers... we don't give legal advice.

Last... while we don't particularly care how you get your kicks, we don't want to hear about it, and we're not interested in helping you do it.

01-30-10, 02:20 PM
How about you read the TOS and do an intro?

After that post I'm not sure I want an intro...

01-30-10, 02:24 PM
after reading his post I don't think his username applies...:smilielol5:

01-30-10, 02:26 PM
Well, I am not thinking that this is going to be the most productive thread.