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View Full Version : Hud oig

06-15-09, 01:04 AM
Does anyone know if HUD OIG 1811s have take home cars or any other info about the agency?

06-16-09, 05:29 AM
I couldn't tell you for sure but I don't think they have take home rides, I don't think many OIG's have take home rides.

That being said I've heard a lot of good things about HUD OIG but I've also heard that they are not doing a lot of the narcotics and prostitution stuff anymore (I don't know if that's true).

Another thing I've heard is it's very hard to get a spot with them.

06-16-09, 07:34 AM
Yes we do. Have for years.

06-16-09, 10:12 AM
Actually, most IG's have take home cars. There are very few that do not have take home cars. Department of Energy OIG, Small Business Administration OIG, and NASA OIG do not have take home cars.

But if your picking a job/agency based on if they have take home cars and what kind of guns they have, you are in the wrong line of work.

FedEH...if you are claiming to be a LEO, you need to get verified.
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06-16-09, 11:11 PM
Yes we do. Have for years.

Welcome to the board.

06-23-09, 12:23 PM
Thanks N357