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11-20-03, 02:34 AM
I'm curious how many departements out there use Traffic Prememption devices on their squad cars and Emergency vehicles?

One of my friends in the PD told me here would be a good place to field the question.

You may have seen the new MIRT system discussed on various news shows about an inexpensive alternative to the tomar and Opticom system, and the contriversy of non-emergency personel getting hold of the units. I am a dealer of the system, but am curious what the interest is for this less expensive alternative in departments?

Do most new squad cars come with the systems installed. I've been told they are $1500+ per vehicle. Are the systems looked at as a valuable tool for the officer or emergency personell to more quickly respond to emergencies.

Just curious to get opinions on the value of a lower cost alternative from officers themselves.

Thanks in advance for the responses,
John Macomber

11-20-03, 07:43 AM
I dont know of any installed in vehicles around where I work.

11-20-03, 03:11 PM
They are on every one of our vehicles along with FD. The private ambulance companies can not have them since they aren't a public emergency response agency.

We use the 3m product.

11-20-03, 03:17 PM
Portland and Gresham (OR) fire use them along with AMR ambulance.

Portland police opted not to use them because police cars tend to move faster than the others rendering them ineffective.

11-20-03, 06:54 PM
We just started using the Opticom system, by 3M. I believe we went with that system because that is what everyone in the state uses. And 3M is based in Minnesota.

11-21-03, 09:27 PM
So do the one's that have the 3M units prefer them, hate them, or indifferent? Would precincts that had access to a less expensive alternative be interested in getting them or is it 3m or nothing?

11-21-03, 09:29 PM
I don't know of any PD's that have them around here but some of the FD's do.

11-21-03, 10:35 PM
Just a link to a related thread on this site.

traffic light technology (http://forums.realpolice.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7328&highlight=change+lights)

11-21-03, 11:20 PM
Thanks for the link.

11-22-03, 04:26 AM
We pay alot for the vector bar....a lil' more for the Opticom doesn't seem to bother them.

11-22-03, 06:17 PM
MIRT systems run $450-500/unit depending on quantity, and they are portable. I'm sure thats considerabl less than the 3M, and they both accomplish the same thing. Does the opticom give any problems triggering signals?

11-22-03, 09:16 PM
We have had no problem with the opticom by 3M. I don't know that the 3M units are any more expensive than all others. We paid about $600 per strobe unit. It's not cheap, but it seems to be the same as the other products out there.

As I posted before, this is the only system that is used in the state. Therefore it is easy for an agency like the state patrol to purchase one style of device that will work in any jurisdiction that uses the opticom.


11-22-03, 10:08 PM
Our problems come from the sensors.....not the transmitters.

11-22-03, 10:37 PM
In Michigan there currently is no law pertaining civilians havign them in their cars. They are pushing to make it a big felony right now but who knows what will happen. We talked about this the other day in class, glad it was fresh in my mind or i would be in trouble trying to remember. lol

12-06-03, 06:38 PM
The manufacturer (Federal Arms Corp) wont allow dealers to sell on ebay anymore because of course all civillians would purchase it. I found mirtdevice.com had them at $380 but I dont know why so cheap when themirt.com sells them for $480?

mirtdevice also has a list of some states that use it for sure.

High beams dont work anymore, it has to be a carefully timed interval of light.