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View Full Version : CO killed in escape

06-25-07, 03:12 PM

An inmate stole the gun from a corrections officer and shot him to death Monday when the prisoner was unshackled for a doctor's appointment, authorities said.

Curtis Allgier fled the University of Utah medical center on foot, carjacked a Ford Explorer and was captured miles away at an Arby's restaurant after a high-speed chase.

Allgier, whose face and neck are covered with tattoos including a swastika and the words "skin head" on his forehead, was in an examination room at the campus orthopedic center around 7:45 a.m., university Police Chief Scott Folsom said.

"There was some sort of altercation. The inmate got hold of the weapon and shot the officer," he said.

Stephen Anderson, 60, a 22-year-veteran, was shot in the head, authorities said.

Police stopped Allgier's vehicle by placing spikes in the road near the Arby's.

Inside the restaurant, at least one person was "struck with some object" but was able to walk out, bloodied around the head, Salt Lake City police Sgt. Rich Brede said.

Allgier, 27, was not armed when he was captured inside the manager's office, Brede said.

The Utah Department of Corrections routinely transports prisoners to the university for medical appointments. Allgier had lower back pain and was taken to the orthopedic center for an MRI. He was unshackled for the procedure, said Tresha Kramer, spokeswoman for the orthopedic center.

The procedure requires an officer to replace metal restraints with a plastic "flex cuff," Patterson said.

"We do not know exactly what happened" in the room, Tom Patterson, director of the Utah Department of Corrections, said.

Allgier was in prison on a parole violation. His criminal record includes burglary, forgery and at least one weapons crime, according to records.

Police arrived at the Arby's just as Shirley Smiley, 57, was outside after breakfast with her husband and son. She didn't see Allgier but heard a "popping noise" inside that was a gunshot.

Police yelled "get down!" and the three of them dropped to the ground in the parking lot, Smiley said.

They have a picture of the mutt on the website. Not a lot of bare skin left; it's all tatted up.

06-25-07, 03:14 PM

06-25-07, 03:19 PM
I reposted myself getting reposted! :eek::p


06-25-07, 03:22 PM
Haha, I'm confused...I thought it was a repost. :confused:

06-25-07, 09:08 PM
It was. I kept catching Kazz with reposts, so I figured I'd go for broke on the one I did. ;)

06-27-07, 06:14 PM
That's sad. CNN or..MSNBC, I'm not sure which, did an interview with the inmate shortly before he did this...

hey co
09-16-07, 08:25 PM
R.I.P so close to retirement.:(

09-16-07, 09:35 PM
RIP. How very sad!

SO explorer
09-17-07, 12:04 AM
Rest In Peace

09-24-07, 11:51 PM
I know this topic is a few months old, but the Utah DOC policy on transports sucks. In CA we have what is called Cover/Contact. If we were taking this turd, there would be two officers. One would be armed and would never make any physical contact with the inmate. He would stand in the hallway at the hospital and COVER me. I would be the one making physical CONTACT with the inmate. I would be doing the cuffing and uncuffing, etc. The inmate might beat the poop out of me inside the room, but as soon as he hits that hallway...goodnight!