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05-02-03, 10:46 PM
I am currently going through the selection process to become a Pennsylvania State Trooper. I did well on both the written and oral examinations and I'm scheduled to take the physical test on May 14th.

I really want this job, but I am very nervous about the rest of the selection process. The reason is because I was disqualified from further processing 2 years ago for the way I answered a question on the polygraph booklet.

Basically I answered a certain question and they took it to mean something entirely different than what I intended it to. Apparently, the question was an automatic disqualifier and I was not even allowed to take the polygraph and explain myself. I protested vigorously and even got an attorney, but they said they only thing I can do is apply again.

So I applied again. My concern is that, since I am so nervous about this issue and have been stressing over it for 2 years, it will affect my polygraph results. Do I have any reason to worry about this?

Although I have done a few things that I am not proud of, I did not do what they were assuming I did and I was completely honest about everything. I blame myself for this because the answer I gave was very vague which is probably why they did why they disqualified me.

Does anyone have any suggestions or input?

05-02-03, 11:05 PM
Another question... In their handbook, they list these things as disqualifiers. Does that mean that these are the only things that can disqualify you? I'm not worried, just curious.

Applicants will be required to complete the written portion of the Polygraph Screening
Booklet either prior to or after the physical fitness tests. Polygraph Screening Booklets
will be provided to the Polygraph Examiners of the Pennsylvania State Police, who will
contact applicants directly to schedule the polygraph examination.
Applicants will automatically be disqualified from further consideration for the position
of Pennsylvania State Police Cadet should the applicant’s polygraph examination
reveal any of the following factors:
Failure to Meet the General Requirements of the Position
As detailed on Page 1 of this booklet.
Criminal Behavior as follows:
Criminal Conviction of Misdemeanor-2 or higher.
Criminal behavior, regardless if arrested, for admissions by the applicant that would
be graded as a Misdemeanor-1 or higher.
Any section listed in the Uniform Firearms Act, Brady Law, or any other federal law
or amendment prohibiting possession of a firearm.
Sale, delivery, manufacturing or possession of controlled substances, or all
violations graded as a Felony-3 or higher, regardless if arrested.
Drug Admissions:
Zero usage of Schedule I drugs, excluding marijuana, and nonprescribed
Schedule II drugs as listed in the Controlled Substances, Drug, Device and
Cosmetic Act (Act 64), for a period of three years prior to filing an application.
(Schedule I and Schedule II drugs include, but are not limited to cocaine, heroin,
LSD, methamphetamine, MDMA [ecstacy], oxycontin, Gamma Hydroxybutyric
acid [GHB]).
Zero nonprescribed usage of steroids (Schedule III) for a period of three years
prior to filing an application.
Zero marijuana usage for a period of one year prior to filing an application.
Driving Under the Influence charge not resulting in ARD Probation.
Dishonorable discharge.
Formal Application
Intentional falsification of formal application.
The Bureau of Human Resources will notify any applicant who may be disqualified
based upon the results of the polygraph examination. A Polygraph Review Committee
will be convened to review the Polygraph Screening Booklets and the examination to
determine if any automatic disqualification factors are indicated."

05-03-03, 09:58 AM
I find it puzzling that ONE question would DQ you. Usually, they ask the same type of question several different ways.
Do you know which type of question you had the problem with?

05-03-03, 06:41 PM
I know exactly what question DQ'ed me. When I got the notice, it gave the reason for the disqualification.

I really don't want to post the specific question because they ask everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement, meaning they agree not to disclose specific information about the tests. Obviously, they ask you on the polygraph if you've given anyone the test questions.

I know it sounds fishy but I think if you knew what question it was, you'd understand it better. The question that bumped me was only asked once and I guess I found it to be a little vague or misunderstood it. Obviously I won't answer it the same way this time.

05-03-03, 08:58 PM
All I can say is that it is difficult to empathize without knowing what the topic was that you were dq'd on. I don't want you to tell me since you can't.
When I took my poly, and the written test, I wanted to overthing everything. It suc-ked!
Good luck to you.

05-04-03, 01:47 PM
Yes, if you start THINKING about things while you're answering that question again, it will probably show up on your polygraph again.

I was asked about prior thefts in my adult life and in my head I was thinking about when I DID do the same thing except during my childhood years, and the polygraph could tell I was a bit nervous/unsure/whatever about that question. Since the interviewer knew my cir***stances before hand and because I explained to him afterwards what was going on when that question was brought up, he believed me and I went on to the next level of assessments.

If you start getting nervous, breathe slowly and deeply! Calm yourself down.

05-04-03, 02:39 PM
I will definately explain the situation to the Trooper who gives me the polygraph. I really hope it won't be a problem.

08-19-14, 03:45 PM
How many questions do they ask on the poly? Is it an hour long exam or short and sweet... I've been reading a lot of stories of people who tell the truth and fail the poly... any insights?

08-19-14, 04:57 PM
How many questions do they ask on the poly? Is it an hour long exam or short and sweet... I've been reading a lot of stories of people who tell the truth and fail the poly... any insights?

This thread has been dead for over a DECADE, man! Let the dead rest! :beatdeadhorse5:

08-19-14, 06:56 PM
This thread has been dead for over a DECADE, man! Let the dead rest! :beatdeadhorse5:


To belocca1, here at RP we consider resurrecting threads that have been dormant this long quite bad form. if you have a question about something, please start a new thread.

Rest in peace, thread.