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07-15-05, 10:39 AM
July 14, 2005 There was major drug bust for police in Burlington County, New Jersey. More than three dozen suspects have been arrested and a cache of drugs and illegal goods have been confiscated.

Drug sales were happening in a NADE car auction lot in Bordentown and at various other locations. Authorities say they've disrupted a heavily armed drug ring operating in Burlington County. Thirty-nine suspects were arrested for allegedly selling large amounts of marijuana and cocaine.

Bob Bernardi/Burlington Co. Prosecutor: "This conspiracy was moving 50 to 75 pounds on a weekly basis. They have to have a main source."
And the prosecutor says there are good leads about who that is.

The arrests began Monday and include the ring's alleged leader, 25-year-old Melvin Marrero of Edgewater Park. Police say he is connected to the Bloods street gang. The investigation began earlier this year using an informant to make undercover buys.

Capt. James Fallon/NJ State Police: "Making controlled purchases where we have an informant go where police officers can't go."

Some of what authorities seized from the suspected drug dealers were ATVs, waverunners, and high-end cars and not to mention a 22-foot boot, large amounts of cash, drugs and an array of firearms.

Capt. Gary Gubbei/Maple Shade Police: "There was a Mac, 10 other handguns and those could be used against people on the street let alone law enforcement."

Anne Kreigner/DIV. Criminal Justice: "They're out there making their living, earning their living selling drugs, carrying weapons."

While the suspects go through the legal system, prosecutors say they hope to forfeit their cars and toys, valued at half a million dollars.


07-15-05, 10:51 AM
Saw that on the news last night. EXCELLENT job! Well done!