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View Full Version : Exhaust loudness

01-27-03, 02:06 AM
I have a truck and I am about to put a new exhaust system on the truck and it is gonna be fairly loud. What kinda laws do I have to worry about concerning the sound level and how loud is illegal?

01-27-03, 02:11 AM
really depends on your city ordinances concerning the db allowed.

01-27-03, 02:15 AM
OK. Thanks

01-27-03, 04:09 AM
Where do you live?

01-27-03, 11:39 AM
I read that it depends on the weight of a vehicle

01-27-03, 12:21 PM
I like that hockey avatar Samuel !

01-27-03, 08:50 PM
Thanks, I like it too! Thanks again, Jenna...
Feel free to use it if you like, maybe we can field an entire team!

01-27-03, 11:18 PM
I live in Memphis, Tennessee.

01-28-03, 12:22 AM
From Tennessee Code: (looks pretty subjective)

55-9-202. Mufflers - Muffler cutouts prohibited - Penalty.

(a) No person shall drive a motor vehicle on any road, street or highway unless such motor vehicle is equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise and annoying smoke.

(b) It is unlawful to use a "muffler cutout" on any motor vehicle upon any road, street or highway.

(c) A violation of this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

[Acts 1931, ch. 82, 14; C. Supp. 1950, 2700.15 (Williams, 2694); T.C.A. (orig. ed.), 59-902; Acts 1989, ch. 591, 113.]

01-28-03, 01:37 PM
So that means that my mufflers cant be too loud. But what is too loud. I mean they can pull me over for it being loud but do they not have to measure the decibals to tell if it is illegal or something. Is there not a certain decibal level that is illegal.

01-28-03, 01:47 PM
As someone stated earlier, check with your city hall or courthouse regarding ordinances. They may be more restrictive or detailed than the state statute. In our city, the ordinance simply states it is illegal if it is "unreasonably loud". We even have one for amplified vehicles : ) I'd say if it's questionable, don't mess with it.

01-28-03, 01:49 PM
There might be case law that would dictate if decibles would be a requirement, but I doubt it.

This seems to be subjective and open to the officers opinion as to excessive.

01-28-03, 01:58 PM
Yeah. That is what I have been told before that it would probably come down to the officers opinion. Ok Thanks

01-29-03, 01:16 AM
bmustangguy, did you check your private messages? I sent you one.

01-29-03, 05:39 AM
Everyone around here has loud exhaust systems. The only people ive heard of that have been stopped are people that "straightpipe" their cars. (remove the muffler & cat) Which is much much louder than any freeflow muffler on the market. If it was me, i wouldnt worry too much about it. But then again, i never claimed to be the smartest person around. :D

01-29-03, 07:45 PM
Yeah. But why i was worried is because as of right now my truck has a glasspack on it and it is pretty loud. Now I am putting headers and Flowmaster 40 series mufflers on the truck. The mufflers are 3 inches and i think they are gonna be pretty loud.

01-30-03, 04:55 AM
I assure you they will be way too loud! I had stock manifolds and true duals with Flowmaster 40's and no cat on my 1996 Z71 350 with 2.5" tails and I woke the dead. I never got busted (how I don't know, I would've pulled over a truck that loud!). I have since replaced the 40 series mufflers with Walker super Turbo mufflers. I love the tone and it isn't annoying.
I also had a Mustang GT with Headers, off-road H-Pipe, Flowmaster 40's and Stainless 2.5" tips, and it too was loud, but in no way as loud as my truck!! I would reconsider the Flowmaster 40's on my daily driver. Combine those with headers and you are asking for it. Edelbrock and Hooker make awesome mufflers that are a bit quieter and still sound awesome, combine that with headers and you will be loud enough.

01-31-03, 06:04 PM
In ohio we have the same law for excessive noise or cracking sounds from the exhaust.

Our general rule in our city is if it is not the factory installed exhaust on the vehicle and we think its loud you get a ticket

01-31-03, 07:22 PM
If you were down here then you would be busy all the time because there are alot of people that have after-market exhaust systems and they are pretty loud too.

02-03-03, 02:18 AM
Originally posted by bmustangguy
If you were down here then you would be busy all the time because there are alot of people that have after-market exhaust systems and they are pretty loud too.

Same story here, legal or not most have louder dual exhaust on their cars and trucks. The only abnoxious ones are the full size stock trucks with just the cat and no muffler with dual tips, sounds like a bad fart magnified 100X. (I refrain from even mentioning all the ricers' exhausts, because they all suck and should be removed from the road!) I would rather sacrifice some volume for a tuned, free flowing tone, not a backfiring rap. I use good flowing mufflers with dual stainless tips, good and loud, but tuned-and no worries about getting fined, it isn't that loud.