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03-24-05, 12:24 PM
This guy (http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/statistics/deathrow/drowlist/valdez.jpg) murdered a friend in 1987. He took the officers .357 revolver, shot Police Sgt. J.D. Bock twice in the chest, fired at a passing motorist, then killed Bock with 2 more shots to the head.

Valdez was arrested after an extensive manhunt. He was tried and convicted of Capital Murder. He was sentenced to die in Texas.

On 11/10/04, his sentence was reduced to Life Imprisonment. Texas has no Life without parole, so he could be released after serving 25 years from his date of incarceration. He could be released in 2013 at the age of 57.

see a story here (http://texasmoratorium.org/article.php?sid=730)

AUSTIN -- The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ordered two men removed from death row today, ruling they are mentally retarded and ineligible for execution.

The court ordered the sentences for Walter Bell Jr., and Alberto Valdez reduced to life in prison, but some of the judges worried Bell, the longest serving death row inmate, could be paroled.

Valdez, 49, was condemned for the 1987 slaying of Corpus Christi police officer Joseph Bock. After a high-speed chase, Valdez took Bock's revolver and shot him four times, twice in the head.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Mike Viesca said the men wouldn't be moved off death row until their cases were processed to get them into the general prison population.

This is hard to swallow.

03-24-05, 12:39 PM
People do stupid things, make assinine decisions based on twisted logic and ulterior motives... and personal agendas.
I am glad there is a God who sees to it that everyone gets what they truly deserve - eventually.
And I like to think that no one can dish out the Divine Justice like God can - and will.
This ***** will pay.

03-24-05, 06:06 PM
Travesty of justice comes to mind...
Have you thought of contacting FOX News - Bill O'Reilly/Shawn Hannity with this story? A little well applied media pressure must at least ensure the guy stays behind bars.

Stay safe, all. ~Linnea

03-24-05, 06:17 PM
Well we all know hes going to hell, but unfortunately thanks to this verdict, just not soon enough. Anyone who guns down an officer deserves the death sentance. Just my opinion.

03-25-05, 05:00 PM
TX, I don't know anything about this case, but regardless of the moral question of whether or not these men should be executed, do you believe this ruling was consistent with SCOTUS's ruling?

03-25-05, 09:12 PM
It appears his age was not a factor so what ruling are you talking about?

03-25-05, 09:45 PM
The mentally retarded ruling.

03-25-05, 10:04 PM
What's with all the mentally retarded in the judiciary lately? Is a lobotomy a requirement for the job?