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11-18-04, 06:44 PM

All states welcome, but particularly interested in NC laws governing their use.

If some one was to put Orange and White strobes on their personal vehicles, would this violate a law?

I live in Charlotte, NC I always see regular cars with additional strobes. For example Rea Construction puts strobes in their reverse lights. (yes i know their a company, but I also see regular PV's)

Just wondering if it was illegal to use a white orange strobe in front and two white/orange stobes in the car facing out the back window.


11-18-04, 06:46 PM
In Texas whites are a no-no.

11-18-04, 06:47 PM
It's not illegal to have them in CA, but if you're driving on public property and have them on, then it's a citation...

11-18-04, 07:06 PM
The laws vary by state. You'll need to check the particular statues for NC regarding warning lights, auxiliary lights or emergency lights.

11-18-04, 07:18 PM
I have but they are a lil vauge ... I looked at another post with this but never got a good answer:

20-130.2. Use of amber lights on certain vehicles.
All wreckers operated on the highways of the State shall
be equipped with an amber-colored flashing light which shall be
so mounted and located as to be clearly visible in all
directions from a distance of 500 feet, which light shall be
activated when at the scene of an accident or recovery operation
and when towing a vehicle which has a total outside width
exceeding 96 inches or which exceeds the width of the towing
vehicle. It shall be lawful to equip any other vehicle with a
similar warning light including, but not by way of limitation,
maintenance or construction vehicles or equipment of the
Department of Transportation engaged in performing maintenance
or construction work on the roads, maintenance or construction
vehicles of any person, firm or corporation, Radio Emergency
Associated Citizens Team (REACT) vehicles, and any other
vehicles required to contain a warning light. (1967, c. 651, s.
2; 1973, c. 507, s. 5; 1977, c. 464, s. 34; 1979, c. 1; c. 765;
1981, c. 390; 1991, c. 44, s. 1.)

It shall be lawful to equip any other vehicle with a
similar warning light including, but not by way of limitation, - SEE WHAT I MEAN

What do you guys think, i will try and ask the state troopers

11-18-04, 08:06 PM
I don't believe it's illegal in TN to have the clear lights on your vehicle or even strobes, but why?

If you are caught using them to get out of traffic situations or pretending to be something you're not, then charges are soon to follow.

Old Trooper
11-18-04, 08:11 PM
White strobes are a definite no-no, pretty much everywhere. Flashing amber warning lights might be allowed in some places, but only under certain 'hazardous conditions'.

11-18-04, 08:11 PM
You can have white and/or amber installed. Only prohibited colors in NC are Blue and/or Red. Though use of them may fall under the distracting lights law.

Strobes in the headlights would violate modulating headlights law. Only Volunteer Fire Chiefs, Fire Dept. Vehicles and LE vehicles may have headlights that are altered.