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View Full Version : police lights again

09-16-01, 07:53 PM
ok, what about green flashing lights. i saw lots of cars in Texas have flashing green lights on public highways. They also look like private cars to me. And whats wrong with white blinking lights? is it wrong also to turn your reverse-gear lights into flashing reverse-gear light? its more visible that way. = ) What about emergency lights on every car, the flashing amber lights on the corners of your car, you turn it on when you have an emergency. Can we change them so that they become strobing amber lights. I mean, everythig stays the same except that lamp inside the amber casing is replaced with a strobe lamp that bliks about 3 times in 1 second and then turns off for anout 1.2 seconds, and then on again. etc... you know what I mean? Ok , now about volunteer fire fighters, they can have flashing lights ans all right? And private security, business patrols. they can have flashing lights, but only amber colors? can they have green? they say that you cant turn them on on public highways, does that mean that you can turn them on public streets? someone please find more info for me about volunteers fire fighters( and any other kind of volunteers out there such as ambulance..) and private patrols.
Thanks, call me crazy for asking all this, but i think theres lots of people with the same question i have.

09-19-01, 03:54 PM
I cannot comment about green flashing lights on vehicle in Texas as I do not live there anymore. I only lived there for 2 years in 1981 and 1982 and was only 12 at the time.

As stated in your other post you cannot have any other lights including white lights flashing on your private vehicle.

The emergency flasher lights on your vehicle are already adequate to notify vehicles ahead of your vehicle parked on side of road, what's the need to change to changing them to a strobe.

I have never seen green flashing lights on any vehilce. If the law says you cannot turn them on on public highways it means the sam as a street.

Volunteer firefighters can have red lights on/in their vehicle when responding to an emergency, but they still have to obey all traffic law's it does not make them exempt. It just helps them in responding to a call, so other motorists can merge onto shoulder of roadway to let them pass.

Hope this answers your questions Snap.

09-21-01, 03:59 AM
In Texas you can not have white, red, or blue flashing lights unless police, fire, ems, vol fire, and so on. A few of the private security guard companys have them but can't use them on a roadway. They are not illegal until you turn them on when on a roadway (any roadway). The only folks who seem to use green are some of the smaller fire departments on the fire trucks. My question would be why would you possibly want them. The only citizens I ever see use them just manage to get themselves in trouble playing police.

09-21-01, 04:04 AM
Snap I seem to have missed a part of your question. Yes it is illegal in Texas to have your reverse lights operate when the vehicle is in any forward gear.

11-03-02, 04:41 AM
I agree with TTS, why the hell would anybody need
any kind of strobe lights on their car if they arent
in LE or emergency services? I dont think I have ever even needed to use my four way flashers on my personal vehicle.
Usually folks with with emergency lights on their personal
vehicles like you are describing get labeled as "wannabes"
by the police and sometimes arrested for impersonating.

11-03-02, 04:50 AM

Close, but Texas law prohibits the display of any of the lights you wrote about. According to case law, this includes lights not even connected to an electrical source. It does not matter if they are turned on or not.

Those security (wanna-be) cars are in violation and can be written.

I can't quote you the cites right now, but if you'd like I'll see if I can find them later.

11-03-02, 08:38 AM
Your asking about a green light... many emergency services including fire and emergency medical, have adobted the green light as a designation of a "Command" vehicle. In other words usually when the person who is in charge of an emergency arrives on the scene they will utilize a green flashing light to denote the vehicle that the commanding officer is working out of or is near to help point him/her out in an incident where you may have mulitple vehicels with warning lights on. They are sometimes used when responding to an incident but not always.

11-03-02, 08:55 PM
It all depends on your state as well. If you want to find out more call your city police department and ask.

11-03-02, 11:17 PM
Get a copy of the California Vehicle Code and read from 24250 to 25952.

My advice is to leave your vehicle stock (i.e. unmodified).

11-04-02, 10:40 PM
My biggest pet peve are lights that are the wrong color or don't need to be there. I know alot of cops feel the same way. If your unlucky enough to be pulled over by me for lights, youre getting a ticket. I ALWAYS right for them. I can't stand them. I guess I'm just a meanie though :(

11-05-02, 09:46 PM
Stump....You better not have lights in your car!

*whips out the ticket book*

11-05-02, 10:00 PM
Bring it on, baby!!! See if you can catch me first!!!!! LOL
*puts on her racing gloves*

11-06-02, 03:31 AM
Whenever I see flashing lights, I smell a wanna-be!

What legit purpose would flashing lights of any kind serve on a non-emergency vehicle? I'm with OfficerBigelow, your lights get my attention, you're getting mu autograph.

11-06-02, 04:39 AM
GO LBomb! This is the man I need backing me up on a traffic stop. None of this "their only lights bull crap"! ;)

11-06-02, 10:35 AM
Why would you want flashing lights, you want mobile disco or something ?

Lights serve a purpose, if we over used them then it defeats the purpose. They are supposed to grab your attention. If they became common for everyone then they would be ignored.

Yellow is the most common here, for non LE.
But ppl don't use them going down the road, rather on personal trucks that plow for ppl during the winter.
And they don't engage them unless they are plowing.
It helps, by warning you they maybe less attentive to traffic or may cross the road when cleaning out the end of a driveway.

And the road commision uses them on thier trucks, to serve as a warning when working on the roads.

11-06-02, 01:17 PM
I think anyone that has lights on their own personal vehicle should be a volunteer fireman, towtruck, or plow. Otherwise, it is a wanna-be or someone up to no good.

11-07-02, 08:43 PM
In NY, pretty much any lighting that doesn't conform to factory original is viewed by NY as a violation of NYS V & T Law.

01-11-03, 05:34 AM
so is it illegal to have red and blue lights in a car? my friend is a constable and says they're only illegal if used not if they're only in the car (TX) and he pulls over many for having those for racing, etc. ( just cuz he's a meano cop, been on ride-alongs) so is it illegal to have them, or just display them?

01-11-03, 01:01 PM
In Texas it is illegal to have red or blue lights even mounted on the vehicle.

This is a big issue with the guard companies here, as many of them seem to want to look like the police.

There is case law and an AG opinion that just having them mounted is illegal, even without a power source connected.

Sgt. Pepper
01-11-03, 01:12 PM
green in most states tend to be volunteer firefighters in most states. in some states it is illeagel to use red or blue. in maine i am alowed to use red this is not the case in all states.

01-11-03, 05:51 PM
Back in the 80's when everyone that had a 4X4 that stood 10 feet off the ground, we used to write them for having their lights too high ( in Texas there is a law that gives a range in height the lights must me ). This worked equally well when they started lowering their vehicles down to dragging on the pavement.

I've been stopping people for having the different colored lights facing forward or to the rear. The most common excuse besides everyone else is doing it is, Well why did they sell it to me if it is illegal?

Some folks just don't seem to understand that red and blue facing forward is just for emergency equipment.

But the good thing is, this fad won't last too long. Something new and better will come along.

01-11-03, 07:33 PM
In Michigan green os for Hazmat, security, and department of Energy. And everything is legal till you get caught. lol

Officer down
01-11-03, 09:30 PM
I never saw security with green lighting. Is this new? I've been hiding under a rock lately. How’s it look anyway? Good?

I knew this guy once who had blue lights on his hood. I gave him my suggestion, but he didn't listen. He got a warning from an officer I know as well. He got pulled over a second time by the same officer (the first time he got a written warning). The second time he got stopped, the officer asked him what happened with the warning he got written for three weeks ago and the guy replied "sittn' on my kitchen table"... Sadly enough he got a ticket this time.

01-11-03, 10:40 PM
texas law does not prohibit the use of green flashing lights.

vol. firefighters are allowed to be equipped with alternately flashing red/blue/white lights, but shall only be activated when authorized as an emergency vehicle.

backup lamps have to be white or amber and can only be lit when the vehicle is not moving forward.

if you replace the original bulb in the assembly, you've taken the assembly itself out of compliance with standard 108. texas adopts the federal standard from the code of federal regulations, chapter 49, section 571, standard number 108. in order to comply with this standard, the bulb must be replaced with an approved bulb. there are only 2 bulb colors that meet the requirements and they are white and amber halogen bulbs.

if you make the addition of lights to your vehicle, you are in luck. texas doesn't really address additional accessory lighting and they take the easy route by adopting the federal standard.

basically, you can't change anything that's OEM unless it's approved as a replacement for OEM. if you want to add something beyond that, you'll just need to do some checking.

01-12-03, 01:48 PM

I know that Great Lakes Crossing mall has green on the roof. The mall I used to work t in my town is gettign green for the new SUV they have. Also the local alarm company has green and amber on the AAC, (armed alarm cars). There are also a few other malls around Michigan that have green on them. It looks awsome at night. If I saw green lights in my mirror I would speed up not slow down lol.

01-12-03, 08:25 PM
See this thread ;)


01-13-03, 09:48 AM
Have you ever driven behind a vehicle that had a tail light lens busted and the white light shone through? What a pain in the butt. Hence the laws about not having white lights on your rear side. As for flashing reverse light. Nothing I know of that makes it illegal as long as it functions in the reverse gear only. On most military bases that I have been around, a green light when used in combonation of red and blue or red and red signifies that the vehicle in question is the mobile command center or incident commander ie the fire chief or police chief. In Virginia, private security companies could only have yellow lights on their vehicles and they could only be used off of public roadways unless there was a direct hazard to other traffic, then they could be used for the purpose of warning traffic. Green lights are used at malls but that is private property and in Virginia and I can actually have blue lights on my car as long as I don't drive on the roadway with them even visible, much less turned on. Those guys had to put those OUT OF SERVICE covers on their vehicles when transiting on publlic roadways. My question is the same. If you're not an Emergency worker using an Emergency vehicle, why would you want those lights? Looking for a date? IN COURT?

01-13-03, 02:16 PM
why would anyone want to have any type of emergency lights in their car for the heck of it???? Its almost like why do some people wear CCW badges on their belt next to their gun? Its just wannabe material. There is no need for emergency lights to be in your car for display, fun, etc... nor is there a reason for someone to carry a CCW badge....:rolleyes:

01-13-03, 06:31 PM
CCW's are badges? I have never seen one...

Officer down
01-23-03, 05:19 PM

I was coming home from visiting a friends and I cut through the mall lot to get to the freeway quicker. Well, I "rolled" through a stop sign in the lot. To my amazement a mall security guard pulled out from behind a parked semi and turned on his "auburn lights". He wasn’t security police and he can't pull traffic there. Well I pulled over and asked him what his problem was. He told me I didn't stop for that stop sign. I asked what he was going to do about it. He asked me not to do it again. I told him who I was and that’s a good way to get shot; by pulling traffic like that when you don't have the training nor a weapon, other than the mace what girls carry in their purses.

People now a days!

01-24-03, 01:13 AM
In Georgia you cannot have any type of flashing lights of any color without a permit from the department of public safety.