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View Full Version : Motivational Posters

09-22-04, 12:33 AM
Hi all! I am currently working in the law enforcement field as a constable with a Canadian university police department. I am trying to find a motivational workout poster designed for law enforcement/correctional officers. Its a poster showing a muscular man inside a jailhouse sitting and covered in tattoos. The caption underneath says something to the effect of; "He works out 7 times a week, has a black belt in martial arts and bench presses 300 pounds. How often do YOU workout?!"

Obviously, its designed to motivate police/correctional officer to workout and keep in shape because the criminals do. Has anyone else seen this poster and do you know where I can get my hands on it? I would very much like to get this poster. I recently found some similar motivational posters on the web but not the poster I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and stay safe!

02-18-06, 12:12 AM
Anybody found thse posters are any other ones like this? I'm looking for some myself. Thanks and God Bless.

02-18-06, 12:47 AM
1.) This is probably the wrong section for this question.
2.) You should get verified as an LEO by shooting a PM to DC Law, Bearcat06, Joeyd6 or Switchback.

Now, to answer your question we have this poster hanging in the gym of our academy. I'll try to remember to ask our PTDT Instructor where they got it from when I go back this week.

02-18-06, 06:15 PM
Yes please do that and if you can maybe get the publisher because if you don't know where you got it from maybe I can contact the publisher. Thanks again digital, God Bless.

02-18-06, 06:21 PM
Some of my favorites are here: http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/demotivation.html

Sorry - I thought you said DEmotivational posters :)

02-20-06, 08:39 PM
The poster is published by a company called K & K Enterprises out of Canada. I've not been able to track down any contact info for them, though.

02-20-06, 10:09 PM
Yeah I just checked myself, I even called somebody, it's another company here in Canada http://www.interlog.com/~marten/index.htm but they aren't picking up when I call, thanks again God Bless.

02-21-06, 04:49 AM
We have a US Marshal version of it, but I am not sure if they are even available anymore. I may need to look into that with our warehouse when I get the chance.

02-21-06, 09:44 AM
Yeah I know about that one too, the one with the U.S. marshals version I e-mailed the marshals about it and they said they will see if it is still published, but I've gotten no e-mail back from them though. Hope you can find something, Thanks and God Bless.