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View Full Version : Letting someone borrow your gun

08-26-02, 02:48 PM
my state: TN
my next door neighbor's boyfriend has come back into town and she says he gets violent sometimes. I wanted to offer her the use of my .357 revolver for a while but I decided not to until I researched the legal ramifications of letting someone else use my handgun. If I willingly let her borrow the gun for self defense and (maybe) she uses it in a legal or 'illegal' (she takes it to the mall or something and gets caught with it) fashion, how liable am i for damages she causes either willingly or unwillingly?

08-26-02, 03:46 PM
You would let someone borrow your gun knowing that there is a potential they would use it on someone else? Wow.... saying that is NOT a good idea is such an understatement.
Just think of all the problems you will have when they start investigating this as a premedidated murder, and you will be an accomplice for giving her the gun.

08-26-02, 08:20 PM
Yeah, you'd be in deep S**t if he used it.

08-27-02, 03:18 AM
Nykon--This really sounds more like a lawyer kind of question. HOWEVER, in my very humble opinion, IF this person borrowed your gun with the ONLY intent of using it for self-defense, then I would say that generally, you should be OK. BUT,....if you were aware of the fact that the borrowing person had some kind of unlawful intentions once she obtained the gun AND, someone is injured or killed with said gun, then you MAY be in some trouble!

I am not familiar with Tennessee law but if you are that concerned about it, contact a lawyer for advice! But always remember one thing as well: We live in a very litigious society these days so you can always be subject to some ort of civil ramifications.


08-27-02, 08:38 AM
You borrow a cup of sugar.....not a lethal weapon.

08-27-02, 08:57 AM
Of course, if YOU know she is in a violent relationship, and SHE knows she is in a violent relationship, then maybe the best course of action is to get her out of that situation. Avoid that "what-if" altogether.
There are many battered women's shelters and help lines that she can call.
Don't let her or help her play outlaw.

08-27-02, 09:32 AM
i didn't think it was a good idea

08-30-02, 05:08 PM
Letting them or whatever borrow your gun is the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. Borrowing in Michigan of a weapon is a crime, also if it were to be used you would be charged with at least 2 felonies. aiding in the commision of a crime, Accessory before the fact. and possibly Manslaughter dependign on the case. Rest a sured you will do time for that.

Sorry about my openign statement dont take it how it reads.