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View Full Version : Bossier Sheriff caught speeding

08-06-04, 06:37 PM

Bossier Sheriff caught speeding, admits its not the first time
Sheriff apologizes for how he behaved when stopped in east Texas in December.
August 6, 2004
By Francis McCabe


Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen expressed regret and embarrassment Thursday over trying to use his influence to get out of a warning for speeding Dec. 7 and admitted it was not the first time he has been caught.

But some parish residents remain displeased with Deen's actions that resulted in him being ticketed in east Texas. "I think he was tacky," said Linda Hagan, 47, of Seven Pines Road, about 10 miles outside Benton.

"He didn't conduct himself as a sheriff should. I guess we have to go with (his apology). We should take the man at his word. But he is probably more sorry he got caught."

Deen was on his way to Bossier Parish from Longview, Texas -- about halfway between Waskom, Texas, and Marshall, Texas -- when he was pulled over by a Texas state trooper about 1 p.m. that Sunday. The sheriff, who was in Longview on "personal business," said he was on his way home to meet a repairman.

After an exchange with the trooper -- Deen says he was just "asking for consideration" from a fellow lawman -- the trooper instead issued him a ticket for driving 84 mph -- 14 mph over the limit.

The incident was recorded by a camera in the state trooper's cruiser and was made public Wednesday when KTBS Channel 3 news aired the video of the sheriff becoming angry with the trooper.

"Law enforcement people don't issue law enforcement people tickets. ... You come to Bossier and I'll issue you one," Deen says to the trooper on the videotape.

The trooper asks Deen if he wants to speak to his supervisor. Deen says he does not.

Taking Deen's comments as a threat, the trooper speaks with his supervisor and issues Deen the ticket instead of a warning.

"I am embarrassed that anything I have done caused any negative shadow to be cast on the parish," Deen said Thursday. "Laws are made for everyone. I and all members of law enforcement are to conform to all laws. I absolutely regret that."

Texas Judge Hugh Taylor charged him the minimum fine of $1 plus court expenses. Deen said he paid the $86 ticket Dec. 8. Efforts to reach Taylor by telephone at his office three times Thursday were unsuccessful.

But Bossier Parish resident Henry Turner, 70, is not as forgiving. He thinks Deen should resign as sheriff.

"If it was me, I would have been fined over $100. I don't think it is right. I think he needed to pay more."

What Deen did is wrong but not bad enough that he should resign, said Jack Webb, 71, of Benton. "He's doing a good job. He just got caught doing the wrong thing."

Deen, who was sworn into his fifth term in July, has no plans to step down, sheriff's office spokesman Ed Baswell said. "That's not even in the picture at all. The bottom line is, like hundreds of thousands of people, he did what every citizen should do. He paid the citation."

Deen said he never asked for special treatment from the judge. Instead, the judge told him he only would charge the minimum, Deen said.

All Deen had to do was write a note to remind the judge of the situation, which Deen said he did. He added that he would have paid whatever fine the judge decided.

"There is no excuse for any of this. I was following the speed of traffic, but that's no excuse. I was speeding. I was wrong."

Deen said that he was not threatening the trooper and that he regretted the trooper took his comments or body language that way. Deen said his comments to the trooper were made in "jest." He would buy the trooper lunch if he came to Bossier, Deen said.

Deen said he was upset about the prospect of getting a warning because he never had been ticketed and wanted to maintain a clean record. He has served as sheriff since 1988 and has been a member of the sheriff's office since 1976.

But Deen admitted that, during his 16 years as Bossier sheriff, he has gotten out of one speeding ticket and was in a car with a Bossier deputy who also got out of a ticket. Deen could not remember when the incidents happened.

Deen said he was pulled over for doing 74 mph in a 70-mph zone on Interstate 49. The law enforcement officer who stopped him let him go after finding out he is the Bossier sheriff, Deen said.

In the second incident, the deputy's car was pulled over for speeding and the deputy spoke with that law enforcement officer, who let them go, Deen said.
ŠThe Shreveport Times
August 6, 2004


This does bring up some importan questions. Professional courtesy...or stop/charge anyone for speeding cop or not? I've seen this subject discussed quite often on police msg boards and it would seem that letting him go due to 'professional courtesy' is the way to go unless of course it's an outright nasty violation.

I've heard that ticketing other cops is also an oral board question in the USA? My first answer might be 'yea, just give him a warning, professional courtesy and all' but then one wonders - if you let other LEOs get away with things where does it end? Gonna let your partner walk away without paying for the coffee? etc etc

Something to think about. Best I can come up with is it really depends on the situation and the officers own discretion there is no set answer 'yes' or 'no'.

08-06-04, 07:06 PM

08-06-04, 08:54 PM
I don't know what nc means but okay!

08-06-04, 09:47 PM
I bet as soon as the troop walked up the Sheriff said I'm a cop like you see my badge now can I go? thast prolly why he got the pinch.

08-06-04, 09:50 PM
I stopped an off duty officer in his Z28 and had nothing but attitude after I chewed him out for driving 20 over. He got a ticket, I didn't care who he was.

08-07-04, 06:42 AM
Texas Judge Hugh Taylor charged him the minimum fine of $1 plus court expenses.

08-07-04, 07:15 AM
I don't know what nc means but okay!Probably "no comment"?

08-07-04, 07:25 AM
Yeah if it was "no crap" it would need an ? to make sense. :D

08-07-04, 07:26 AM
74 in a 70? I would be ticketed every day.

08-07-04, 07:33 AM
You obviously don't have speed cameras in your jurisdiction Traffic. :D