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  1. Lapd questionaire
  2. Background Question; will this prevent me from pursuing a career in police work?
  3. how can other police departments find out where else you have applied to?
  4. Background Question
  5. Help Please! Need good advice.
  6. Concerned with verbal warnings.
  7. Nypd drug panel
  8. Apllying to other law enforcement agencies
  9. Nypd DQ
  10. Hiring process length
  11. On-Line Background Test
  12. Polygraph Worries
  13. Traffic violation limit during background investigation
  14. Extremely Embarrassing!!!!!
  15. Extremely honest on questionnaire
  16. Background Phase - Financial Liabities
  17. In the process...
  18. After the Polygraph?
  19. Past Drug Usage
  20. Overcoming my past to get into the RCMP
  21. Should I include this in my resume?
  22. Job History and 5150
  23. Questions from a college student going for Law Enforcement
  24. Introduction/Prospect Eval
  25. Almost immediatly failed background? What could have occurred?
  26. Chandler Police Department Written Test
  27. Credit history
  28. Background Investigations
  29. Background Question
  30. Civil Service Exam dress code (female)
  31. Family factor - BI
  32. Passed polygraph waiting on backgrounds
  33. Chances of making it as a Fish & Wildlife officer with past issues
  34. Advice on Hiring Process
  35. Wanting a LEO Career
  36. Advice on failed background
  37. Will the LASD accept the Falant lantern test if i fail the PIP test during my medical
  38. Just another background question
  39. Can I apply for lasd deputy while I have an open application for the security positio
  40. Question Regarding Past College Title IX Invest.
  41. Do you think I passed?
  42. NYPD Psychological (ORAL) question
  43. Background help
  44. nypd background investigation and petty larceny
  45. Polygraph Test Taken
  46. Apd-5 question please help
  47. Taking the polygraph for the first time - advice?
  48. Some Helpful Advice
  49. Did I pass my polygraph?
  50. Past Anxiety and Depression- Still possible to be hired?
  51. Looks like we're hiring.
  52. self-sponsor
  53. NYPD and meds
  54. Second hand marijuana smoke question
  55. Has anyone become a police officer in their 30s who can give advice?
  56. What to do to improve my chances?
  57. Is this an automatic DQ???
  58. Hiring Process: Background Question (Can't remember all info)
  59. Discrepancy in background investigation
  60. Moving through the process rather fast
  61. Would you hire me?
  62. NYPD approval hold
  63. Should I wait until I am 21 before applying?
  64. NYPD Medical review (scoliosis)
  65. Louisiana Juvenile Probation and Parole Agent interview
  66. NYPD Background. couple name changes.
  67. NYPD Hiring Process - Medical Examination & Upcoming Q&A
  68. written test LASD
  69. How does the polygraph tester deal with gray areas?
  70. Called for an agility test shortly after written exam...
  71. WSP Written Test: Are components graded separately?
  72. Weak References with Police Background
  73. My big blemish
  74. Employment history?
  75. LASD sheriff trainee Hiring Process
  76. Ventura Sheriff Trainee Hiring process
  77. Hiring Standards
  78. NYPD psych review
  79. Police Officer Background Question
  80. is this legal?
  81. Is this arrest (misdemeanor) a DQ?
  82. Nypd oral psych 911 call reports
  83. Question about speeding ticket
  84. Disqualifying misdemeanor?
  85. LAPD or LASD Color vision test?
  86. Joining LAPD or LASD with ELS from the Army.
  87. Trying to become a police officer
  88. Wanting helpful hiring advice for Escambia County Sheriff's Department.
  89. SJPD Hiring Process
  90. Re-applying at same agency, background question.
  91. NYPD hire with dropped domestic violence charge.
  92. Military discharge question
  93. Follow up on polygraph DQ thread
  94. can you be DQ'd for this
  95. Honorable medical discharge question!!
  96. Backround Question (NYPD)
  97. NYPD Marijuana Use
  98. In the process with the Sheriffs Dept.
  99. Psych, how'd I do?
  100. several questions
  101. Tampa, FL HCSO deputy please HELP!
  102. Polygraph question..... Need clarification
  103. Question about 2nd Polygraph I took for LAPD
  104. Do they know every one of your jobs?
  105. FTO before Academy?
  106. Polygraph test result question?
  107. What are my chances for the future
  108. My LASD Backgrounds process and questions
  109. LAX PD, military vet...help?
  110. Supervisor and coworker information for background check
  111. NYPD Psych process on DISCONTINUE status! Please help!
  112. Need Some Help/Advice
  113. police officer trainee and POST / academy training
  114. Proof of income
  115. NYPD background investigation
  116. lapd background interview
  117. lapd applicants
  118. BAN George Maschke from posting!! (anti-polygraph)
  119. Public Indecency as 18yo disqualifier for LE?
  120. Thanks to the officers here
  121. Vulnerable sector check
  122. LAPD PRocess
  123. Made it!
  124. Apply Now or Later? Some mistakes made in college
  125. Another NYPD Question
  126. Background Question
  127. Not the typical question...
  128. Final Step of Hiring Process Question
  129. Last step in the process!
  130. New York State Police 2014
  131. Background for nypd
  132. Some questions about my background history
  133. polygraph soon and nervous
  134. Issue with Personal History Statement
  135. Mesa Police Background Investigation DQ?
  136. Background check about family felon
  137. Some quick specific questions
  138. Mustache Power
  139. Need help to find out if it's worth applying....
  140. LASD Letter
  141. Yet another drug question
  142. CA Post Entry Level Dispatch Test
  143. MY NYPD investigation
  144. Background check questions
  145. Local Police or State Police when Pursuing an FBI career
  146. Business Professional to Law Enforcement
  147. Considering the NYPD
  148. Suffolk Deputy Sheriff
  149. Nj state police polygraph
  150. Drug Use Question Do I even have a Chance
  151. Recent non-select from SDPD, where do I go from here?
  152. LEO with Summary Court Martial?
  153. Failing the Polygraph Exam
  154. a question.
  155. Forgot about a job!
  156. Will this DQ me from being a LAPD officer?
  157. Will this DQ me from being a LAPD officer?
  158. Rush on Background
  159. NYPD hiring prospect with my background?
  160. NYPD Exam #4324 Spring 2014
  161. Failed Psych Question
  162. Juvenile troubles
  163. How are my chances?
  164. Psych Eval
  165. Polygraph
  166. LASD Hiring
  167. Simple Assault-Dismissed
  168. Lateral Entry with Bankruptcy
  169. NYPD Exam #4342 Spring 2014
  170. NYPD Psych DQ? Please help!
  171. Looking to join. What are my chances?
  172. Hiring a foreign citizen
  173. NYPD Investigator
  174. Interview With Chief
  175. Executive Interview
  176. My specific wuestion regarding mj in california and being hired
  177. Proper Applicant Ride-along Attire
  178. Question about polygraph and background investigation
  179. another question about the hiring process
  180. Will this keep me from being a candidate?
  181. whats the hardest part
  182. background DQ question
  183. Should I disclose this? Am I DQed ?
  184. NYPD Criminalist
  185. Would I still be a candidate?
  186. Question on background discrepancies and final interview
  187. Who decides the hiring guidelines for departments? (i.e. psych eval, past drug use)
  188. Department Testing Process is Pass/Fail Only
  189. Thoughts on my chances (lasd and ocsd hopeful)
  190. Prior Polygraph Access?
  191. Will This Situation Automatically DQ Me?
  192. limited contact info for old housemates...
  193. Summary of Applicant Background History
  194. Conditional offer question?
  195. veteran trying for LAPD
  196. Another background question
  197. Home Interview
  198. How much longer for LAPD to finish Background check?
  199. Therapy, and medication as a 16 year old
  200. Oral board advice for young applicant
  201. I had my NYPD oral psych and I am a bit concerned with my responses below.
  202. Question
  203. I can't find a thread on this, probably because it's going to sound so absurd....
  204. Background Privacy Question
  205. Freeze on hiring.
  206. NYPD Medical & JST
  207. Pulling police records for BI
  208. need help with LAPD appeal
  209. background history question
  210. LEO Career - Potential Disqualification for Prior Drug Use?
  211. undetected drug crime
  212. New from CA
  213. hiring process help?
  214. Future career in Law Enforcement
  215. want to become a PO or a CO ,would I be disqualified for any of the following…
  216. Background check DQ??
  217. BAckground and family members criminal history
  218. Undetected Misdemeanor when teen
  219. Finish School or Academy
  220. DQ rate at each stage of hiring
  221. joining NYPD with DWI
  222. Do I have a chance to make it as a probation/parole officer? Juvenile misdemeanors.
  223. Quick background investigation
  224. Background/Future LEO
  225. Another background question
  226. marijuana use
  227. Msp bi ?
  228. History of my background and a few questions
  229. Stressed out about landing the job.
  230. The "Honesty" fabrication: Why most of you won't get in.
  231. New Demands Changing The Face Of Police Hiring Pools
  232. Would I be disqualified?
  233. Psych Test: I have depression
  234. unexpected poly reaction
  235. Filling out form APD-5, I have a few questions regarding it.
  236. Advice on the pat and psych
  237. Realistic expectations
  238. Just a thanks....
  239. I just dont know where to go from here....
  240. Does college ROTC count as military service?
  241. Who Disqualifies?
  242. DQ from background investigation
  243. Double bind question
  244. Stupid Mistake 13 years ago, question about medical history
  245. Advice please!! Did this mistake ruin me??
  246. Suicide scars
  247. Post Pre Background Interview confessions
  248. Bureau of Prisons Hiring Process
  249. Old Polygraph Debacle, Going thru hiring process w/ new dept. now-please help urgent
  250. Hyper explanatory PHS...BI advice needed