Police Preparation Links

The following links are highly recommended by RealPolice.net if you are preparing for the position of police officer.  For a list of police training articles, please see our 'Police Training' section.

Police Exam Video Training Course - Sgt. George M. Godoy of Police Exam 911 put together a phenomenal training course which includes video illistrations of his course.  For $49.95, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you really can't go wrong with this course.  You can read some of Sgt. Godoy's featured articles on RealPolice here: Police Oral Boards Secret Weapon | Police Exam: Vehicle Pursuits | Police Written Tips | Police Exam: Getting Hired Faster | Police Oral Board Stress

RealPolice Training Guide - The RealPolice Guide is a mini-training course designed to "get your feet wet" when preparing for the position of police officer.  The information covers the basics like: hiring requirements, preparing for the the police oral board, "how to respond" to tough questions, typical questions asked, etc.  The information sells for $9.95 and helps support the RealPolice website.

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Police Training Books - Police Training Books are without question an incredible asset when trying to become a police officer. Experienced officers know that failure to prepare for the position of police officer can literally mean getting the job or not.
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Police Exam Study Tips - By now you're certainly aware that there is a ton of information out there when it comes to increasing your chances on police tests and oral board interviews. But what this article discusses is "how" to study to better prepare yourself for your tests.
Oral Board Secret Weapon - In this article, Sgt. George M. Godoy of Police Exam 911 shows his "secret weapons" to successful police interviews. Sgt. Godoy runs a very successful Police Video Training Course for applicants to help improve their scores on Police Exams and has personally tested over 1000 potential applicants.