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Police Training If you're planning on getting into Law Enforcement and have done any research at all, you know that getting hired as a police officer is one of the hardest things to do. You know that answering a single question wrong in an interview, or even a simple gesture while being interviewed could be the reason you don't get the call.

Police training is key! Get the right training, and give yourself a chance.  Don't be one of those guys who blows their one chance because they didn't prepare!  Did you know that interviewers are watching "how" you walk into the room for your interview, or that what you say before or after your interview "could" be your real interview?

This information tells you WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to get hired. With the Real Police Training, you get a thorough step by step guide to help you significantly increase your chances in getting hired. This course also starts out with the basics, telling you everything you need to know upfront (i.e. pay, requirements, about the job, assignments, hours, family life, etc.), and then quickly moves into preparing for Oral Boards and Testing phases.

The information shows you "how" to answer tough questions like "Have you ever smoke marijuanna?" by explaining how you should answer these questions. It gives actual scenarios that you can study, and offers advice and techniques to study to prepare for these questions.

Police Training teaches you tactics that interviewers use, and show you what they are actually looking for. Know "how" to answer and respond to them. Not preparing yourself for this single point can put thousands of dollars and years of college to a complete waste.


In this guide, you will be able to read through an actual transcript of an applicant's Oral Board Interview.  See the exact questions and responses that dealt with the use of marijuana, other drugs and a "what if your best friend at work stole" scenario.  See exactly how the applicant responded in these tough questions and how it allowed him to later get hired as a police officer. 

"Most people fail because they never prepared, period."

police trainingDid you know that officer's with less college experience and/or job experience are being hired all the time over more qualified applicants based on "how" they answered questions, or "how" they responded to scenario based questions?  Why?  Because they prepared and knew what to prepare for.

I can honestly remember a friend of mine not getting hired based on one silly question as to "Would you write your mother a ticket if you pulled her over?"  My friend wasn't prepared for this question and didn't know how to answer it.  As a result, he's now doing something else (This course doesn't teach you "how to lie," it teaches you "how to answer" tough questions and gives you insight into what the interviewer is looking for).

"Thinking like police is crucial to getting hired."

Learn what the basic requirements are so that you know before hand what you need to get in and what this job is actually about.

The course also helps you find out "where" these jobs are listed, that are not always posted to the public.

To help with the training process, the manual utilizes a feature on some of the scenarios (while others have a pop-up window), that allows you to first figure out your answer then shows you the answer with a "pop up" feature when scrolling over the answer link:

police training

Bonus:  The course goes further then traditional test exams:

  • You get to see actual on-scene pictures taken by the author to understand the job a bit better by giving you test scenarios with them as well

  • Listen to live recordings of traffic stops and "real" police chases from the author

  • Listen to live recordings of regular 911 "dispatched" calls

  • Police Study Questions and Answers (including Judgment, Reading Based, Observation & Memory, etc.).

An example on-scene pic (below) shows and explains what happened in this crash, and tests you as to how you handle it if first on scene:


police training police training police training police training

(Real accident)

The course also expands into the daily job functions, lawsuits, crime scenes, chases, etc. (i.e. how to handle crime scenes, pursuits, etc.).  The manual is constantly updated and could easily prove beneficial to officers working lower crime areas, as well as newer inexperienced officers.

We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for this career, which is broken down into several categories of interest.  Although the information is primarily geared for getting you a job in law enforcement, it gives you information from a real police officer working real crime scenes (i.e. shootings, murders, pursuits, etc.) and offers a wide range of information.  The course is still being updated, and your one-time $9.95 membership allows you unlimited access to future updates!

We have made this information extremely affordable, and instantly available to you immediately after your purchase.  In addition, you will have access to all updates for LIFE to the manual.

Temporary Price of $9.95

(Regular price: $39.95.  We are offering this temporary price as we are still adding to this manual.  Your $9.95 purchase gives you access to all future files that others will pay $39.95 for, which is still less then all of our serious competitors).



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