Police Exam Study Tips II

As we've already mentioned, preparing for the police exam or police test requires a lot of dedication and preparation. Some of the tips we've already mentioned are basics, but are necessary elements when preparing for any test. However, lets move on to more study tips.

Weather you are still in college or in the police academy, taking notes in class is a big one. It helps you remember discussions as you're also listening. However, taking notes is a three step process, which includes taking them before class, during and after. Some things you can do is read through your previous notes of the class just before. This will get you up to speed on the current topics at hand, possibly brainstorming a question that you may want to ask. Secondly is taking notes during class.

Especially in the police academy, preparing for a police test, it is vital to take notes.  There is simply too much information not to.  When you're listening in class, be sure to listen for statements like "Be sure to remember," "The point is," and "Remember that," etc.  These are key points that your police instructor are emphasizing which should tell you that they are important to remember.

And last but not least, taking notes after class.  In any police academy training atmosphere, you will get a lot of information thrown at you pretty fast, and chances are your notes are cluttered and garbled.  Take a few moments to re-write a summary of some of the key statements, anything you've learned, references to book pages or articles that your teacher has said, etc.

Remember, you are studying for a police exam.  Any police officer exam will be very difficult to take and will require a great amount of knowledge.  Learn as much as possible before you take the test to increase your chances against the other police applicants.  Chances are, most of them have put in that extra effort as well.

Conclusion: We realize some of the suggestions may seem a little basic and obvious, but they truly can help you in your daily studies.  Being comfortable for example is something that is sometimes taken for granted when we study, but its definitely something that can help us.

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