Become A Police Officer

The name of the game in becoming a Police Officer is Preparation

To become a police officer, especially with today's competition, the name of the game is preparation. If you don't prepare, you're in trouble, period. One way you can better prepare yourself is using online practice exams that will better prepare you for police exams. These sell for around $20 to $30 on average, and are loaded with test questions and information on how to answer oral board questions. They make preparing for police tests as easy as possible, and are laid out in a step-by-step method detailing key points that are critical to an applicant's success. Most will explain "why" you answered a question wrong or right. If the $20 to $30 price is a bit much for now, you could also use some of the training guides on how to become a police officer, which usually sell for around $15 or less. This is personally how I studied prior to getting into law enforcement (because the above courses were not available at the time).


If you're sure you want to pursue criminal justice, take Amazon for example. They have plenty to choose from, but you can also go to your local book store and find them under the "Reference" section. Just look for Prep practice study exams. These books are pretty bulky, but you should at least invest the $15 before even considering applying for a police department. The information is critical. At absolute minimum (even if you make some type of purchase), you should prepare yourself as much as possible with this minimal investment. Don't get eliminated because another guy prepared and you didn't.


Something to understand is that in the past, people wanting to go into the criminal justice field simply applied, and were hired under much less standards.  At one point, simply applying almost guaranteed your hire date.  This is because in the early days there was not a strong interest in this field, thus making it much easier to get into police work.


But with the explosion of shows like Cops, LAPD, Police Videos & Chases, etc. its no wonder a lot of people have become interested in becoming officers.  But with that explosion of interest comes fierce competition. That competition has fueled many companies to start offering books, videos, etc. for people who are interested in how to become a police officer.  That brings us to our next point; On one end of the spectrum, getting into this field has become tougher, but on the other end, its become easier to prepare for. Just take a look around; online, book stores, colleges, etc. The study guides and programs have simply exploded.

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If you're preparing to become a police officer now, consider that Criminal Justice Schools are eager for your business

Another route that you can and should consider is that there is also a lot of free information available online by running a simple search. Its important though that you're getting reliable information, so be sure what you are reading is taken with a grain of salt.  Most Police Forums for example offer tons of valuable information on preparing for tests, preparing for oral boards, exams, how to answer questions, etc. This resource can never be overlooked and because of membership levels, they stay current with daily updates.

Some sites even offer help and practice tests for minimal fees. You can actually purchase these and have immediate access to study questions, oral board scenarios, etc. as fast as it is paid for online. So not only is the information there, its quick as well.

Its been our experience that the information seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper, while at the same time the quality continues to rise. The reason? More competitors entering the field wanting your business. We do however recommend that you do at least "some" research when it comes to choosing a exam tutorial. If you want to know how to become a police officer, start doing the research now before you apply. When you're competing with a thousand other people for the position, you need every piece of preparation you can get your hands on, because once the moment passes, its too late. Good luck.

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