Hidden Video Cameras

Hidden Video Cameras
By Damian Sofsian

Hidden Video Cameras are stealth devices that are used to record activities in public places, offices or even homes. They are preferably of tiny sizes and are designed to be hidden in the surrounding environment.

People are increasingly using Hidden Video Cameras in their premises as security devices. Hidden Cameras are used in offices to supervise

employees.  Their screen is mostly placed in the guard cabin or the manager�s office. Public places like airports, railway terminals and buses have managed to actually thwart some criminals using such hidden video cams. People even use Hidden Cameras in their houses to keep surveillance over their children�s caretakers.

These cameras can be hooked to a VCR or a computer in the security office or cabin. Visuals are continuously recorded by these cameras and can be played on the screen. Hidden Video Cameras need to have a very high picture quality and frame rate because the entire recording is done through a miniature pinhole lens.

Hidden Video Cameras can be both wireless as well as wired. Wireless cameras use two 9-volt batteries for their use. Both black and white and color cameras are available. The black and white cameras are a bit cheaper and also provide higher quality pictures.

There are several designs of video cameras available in the market. The basic purpose of every design is to hide the fact that they are in fact video cameras. Video cameras can be disguised as table lamps, clocks, smoke detectors, cell phones, wristwatches and even buttons. Such disguised video cameras have a very tiny lens and are battery operated. Hidden video cams may cost from $100 to $400, depending on their fabrication and functions.

Despite the tremendous assistance hidden cams provide in preventing crime, their use has always been controversial. People subjected to such hidden scrutiny find their modesties challenged. In some places, the use of hidden video cams is banned and in almost all other places, there are proper legislative guidelines to use such cams.

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