A Closer Look Information Service
A1-Trace U.S.A.
A&M Security Inc.
Armored Security & Safety, Inc.
Asiavest Investigative Services
Barnett & Young Investigations
Basic Investigations Det. Agency
Bulldog Investigations
Cal-Pro Protective Agency
California Business Intelligence
Centurion Protective Services
CODE 3 Fire & Security Inc.
Confidential Investigations & Detective Services
Confidentail Research
Constables' Office
CPA Recovery
C.R.U.S.A.D.E. Security
Dakota Knights Security
Defense Security Service
Dias Investigations
Drug Detection Dogs
East Bay Detective Agency
Element Protection
Elite Detective Services, Inc.
Executive Protection Services, Inc.
Farnham Security Inc.
Federal Protective Service
Fred Manley, Private Detective
FutureCrime Prevention Association
Gates Detective Agency
Gordon Burgess Constable Office
Infoseekers Information Service
International Security Agency
Internet Center For Private Investigation
Investigative Security Professionals
Investigators Web Resource
IPD Online Investigations
J & P Investigations, Inc.
Llewellyn Security
Long Island K-9 Service
McGovern Investigations
Microtrace, Inc.
Michael J. Mckenna
Mid-Atlantic Investigation Bureau
Murray & Murray Parking Control Services
Nationwide Contract Security
Net Det 2000
North American Information
Official Investigations, Inc.
Parental Abduction Search Specialists, Inc.
P.H.I. Investigative Consultants, Inc.
P.I. Central
Poindexter & Associates, Inc.
Point Investigations
PRIDE Private Security Service, Inc.
Priority Services
Proactive Special Security Services, Inc.
Professional Investigations, Inc.
Professional Security Services
Rangetek Community Patrol
Records Bureau
RI Division of Bail Enforcement
Safeside Guardians
Scotland House Inc. TSCM
Search & Serve
Secure Detective and Security Agency
Security Information Center

Securitypro USA 
Securworks Protection Services Incorporated
Special Protection Forces
Specialized Guard Services
Spyallday Investigations, Inc.
Stealth Research Investigations
Stone Confidential
Tactical Security & Detective Agency, Inc.

The Trident Group
Total Group
Trace Investigations, Inc.
US Find
Westcoast Investigations and Security
West Virginia Records Research
Westpark Investigations
Worldwide Information, Inc.
Ziegler & Associates, Inc.

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