Police Uniforms

Altama Footwear
Bayly, Inc. - hats
Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co.
Blauer Manufacturing

Blue Star Uniforms
Brateman's Inc.
Capps Shoe Company
Chicago's Finest Engravers

Churchill leather gloves

Classic Motorcycle Jackets
Daun-Ray Casuals, Inc.
Dee's Uniforms Inc
Defense Supply Center Clothing & Textiles Directorate
Discount Embroidered Emblems
Emergency Equipment
Gioello Enterprises LTD
Jgear - shoes


Leather Luster, Inc.
Leon Uniform Company, Inc.
Lontex Corp. - CoolMax T-shirts
Miller Hats
Nine-One-One Outerwear
Nye Uniform
Original Footwear Company
Phoenix Uniforms

Police Equipment Worldwide

Police Sheriff camo bdu uniforms sly gear
The Quartermaster
S&R Uniforms
Scorchy Designs - uniforms, patch design
Stars and Stripes Uniforms Sweater Company

Tek Marciniak's Cycle Cop.com
Tough Gloves

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