Police Associations

Associations of Police Organizations are a coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States that serve to advance the interests of America's law enforcement officers through legislative and legal means. Political action and education is also what helps these police associations become so powerful. Below are links to several police associations around the world.

European Network of Policewomen, "Optimizing the position of policewomen in the European police services", contact information and news.  Below is a list of Police Associations from around the world.


European Traffic Police Network - Provides information to all police forces in Europe in an effort to promote safe driving.


International Association of Chiefs of Police - The world's oldest and largest non profit membership organization of police executives, with over 16,000 members in 94 different countries.


International Association of Women Police - Providing women with resources, networking and organization to help in promoting women in law enforcement and all other criminal justice professions.


International German American Police Association - Helping to support law enforcement officers of German heritage wherever they serve.


International Police Association - A worldwide friendship organization for serving or retired Police Officers.


International Police Mountain Bike Association - Information on training, news, and networking for police bicycle patrol officers.


San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officers Alliance


The Family Badge - An interactive website originally established for retired police officers and their families and survivors. It now includes certain active officers nearing retirement. There is also an online album of photographs submitted by it's members. The website is accessible by the public, the album by members only.

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