Protecting Your Kids

Protect Your Children Now Before Its Too Late

Probably one of the biggest fears of any parent is finding out they have a missing child. And what's even worse is not knowing where their missing child is. Are they safe, have they been kidnapped? As a parent myself and a police officer, I wanted to put together a page to make some suggestions on how to help prevent such a tragedy and help keep your child safe.

First of all, its extremely important to realize that there are bad people out there. Very bad. As far as I'm concerned, they're not human and they're not curable (which research shows is true for most pedophiles). But for this article on missing children, we're simply going to talk about the act of
abduction; someone taking your child. Before I go further, the reason I stress that its important to realize there are bad people out there, is that people that don't work in a police capacity obviously don't see what police officers see regularly.  And because of that, its difficult for non-police to believe there are really that many bad people out there, or even worse, that anyone "could do such a thing."  Believe me, there are people out there that will do things you could never imagine and not feel an ounce of guilt.  I'm not saying don't trust anyone.  What I am saying is realize how dark this area is and to do everything in your power to avoid it.


According to the FBI's National Crime Information Center, missing children accounted for more then 840,000 in 2001 in the United States alone. That's significant, and it should be sending us a clear message that we have to take better precautions. But how do we take precautions with so much going on most people's lives everyday? Well below is a list of things that can save your child's life.


Protect Your Children Now Before Its Too Late

1. Secret Password. This is truly one of the easiest steps that a parent can do, yet a lot of parents don't. You and your child should have a "secret" password that only you and them know. Since a lot of abductions occur when the child is told something like "Your Mom wanted me to pick you up," or "Your Dad is in the Hospital and you can to come with me," for example. Your child should demand that the person be able to tell them the password. If the stranger doesn't know the password, or even a friend for that matter, the child should be instructed to run away while screaming as well.

2. Know where your children are at ALL TIMES. Its should be completely unacceptable in today's society for your child to somewhere without you being informed. Maybe I'm just overprotective, but a simple phone call is only going to take about 20 seconds.

3. Parents should teach their children their phone numbers (at an early age), cell and work, along with your address. They should also know their last names as well.

4. At an early age, they should know how to dial 911. Very simple, but again, some kids don't know how to do it.

5. Children should be taught not to take candy or toys from strangers, or to take rides with strangers. This is probably one of the easiest methods an abductor will take, as most kids have a hard time turning down candy or toys. Not accepting rides is very important as well, as a fancy car could easily attract a child getting older. Teach your child that its ok to say "No."

6. Your child should be taught to walk in groups, and not alone. Practically all abductions occur when the child is alone and in an isolated area.

7. Have a plan worked out in case you're ever separated in public. For instance, agreeing to meet back at a certain location of a mall for instance.

8. Talk to your children, and listen to what they have to say. Ask them if they met anyone new to get information.


9.  Teach your children not to open the door anytime someone knocks on it or rings the doorbell.  I've noticed my son will run to the door to open it even though he doesn't know who's there.  You can obviously see the dangers here.

Some of these suggestions are very basic to missing children precautions, but as a parent myself, I can't stress them enough.  As a police officer, I encourage it even more.  Don't let these thugs run the show and put your children into the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children.

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