How To Protect Your Home From Intruders

SAFETY AT YOUR FRONT DOOR - 1. Never automatically open your front door. Make sure you know your caller's identity before admitting him. 2. If the person at your door is a stranger, ask for identification to be passed under the door. If he is unable to do this, do not admit him. 3. It is advisable to have a wide angle viewer (peep-hole) in the door so that you can check a person's identity without unlocking your door.

HOME SAFETY - 1. All doors in your home leading to the outside should have dead-bolt locks. 2. When away at night, leave a light burning. 3. Do not leave a key over a door or under a mat. 4. The single lock on a garage door is inadequate to keep intruders from prying up the opposite side and crawling in. Use a padlock. But never leave it unlocked. This is an invitation to have the padlock removed so that a key can be made, and the lock returned to its position. Later, the burglar returns when no one is home and enters at his leisure, using "his" key. 5. Mark your valuables and keep an accurate record of all your most valuable possessions. Read "How To Protect Your Valuables From Theft" - available from above publisher for $1.00 6. When leaving on a trip: A. Stop all deliveries. B. Connect a light to a timer. C. Notify the police and have a neighbor check your home periodically. D. Have someone maintain your lawn. 7. Be a concerned neighbor. If you see a suspicious person, car or situation, contact the police.

SAFETY FOR THE APARTMENT DWELLER - 1. If you live in an apartment building with an intercom system to the front door, make sure the landlord keeps it in operating order. 2. Never admit anyone unless you are expecting him or know him. 3. Never admit anyone to the building who is there to see another tenant or to deliver something to another apartment. 4. Anyone asking admission so that he can do some work for another tenant should not be admitted, but should be referred to the building's manager. 5. If you see someone in your building who looks out of place or is acting suspiciously, contact the police.

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