Private Security

Private Security Without question, security guards are one of the fastest growing professions in the world today. Everywhere you look, some type of security is needed. Most retail stores have visible security guards as well as under cover loss prevention.

But what benefits do these have to people wanting to become police officers? A lot. Showing that you already have security experience is important to police departments, especially already being a security guard. On most police interviews, one of the questions they will almost certainly ask is if you have any security experience. A year in our opinion is a minimum.

Security Guard's are moving up in pay very quickly. Some security guards even make more then police officers, which is causing a lot of retired police to enter the field of security. In fact, a lot of new officers find themselves working side security jobs since their still working to get to their top rate. Security Guards are finding more and more benefits as time goes on.

Take private security "Loss Prevention" for example. These undercover security officers work in plain clothes for retailers who are looking to cut down on their theft loss. These security officers actually have arrest powers on the store's property, and some are paid extremely well. We've found some Loss Prevention Managers for example to make well into the six digits (over $100K/year), which is simply astonishing considering a police officer averages around $35k to $65k a year. In fact, most police chiefs don't even make that much.

But the true benefits for becoming a security guard is using it as a stepping stone for criminal justice majors. Several people are turned away from police work simply because they've never worked a security guard position and therefore the police employer doesn't have a way to gauge the applicant. When you do a security job, you are obviously dealing with people on a regular basis, which is what you will do in police work. This is extremely important to your potential employer, especially considering you will have plenty of competition who has security experience as well! Getting your criminal justice degree is great; working the job of a Security Guard position is in our opinion equally important to show an employer.

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