Dodge Charger Police Car

Look out Ford, here comes the new Dodge Charger Police Car. DaimlerChrysler has announced their Dodge division will begin marketing a Dodge Charger police car for police departments.
Couple that with the fact that departments have already been looking for a replacement for the pretty much standard Ford Crown Vic police car, it couldn't come a better time. And with all of the options, how can a police department look away.
The new Dodge Charger police package has all the features any department could want for their officers. Power alone is one of the most obvious. The Crown Vic for example gets roughly 250 horse power while the Dodge Charger police package is around 340 hp, which for an administrator deciding on new vehicles for departments, isn't "too" much hp which keeps them politically correct.

Tests by the State Police and other agencies have shown that the Dodge Chargers pack a punch with other issues as well: much safer, better handling, roomy, etc. According to the LA County Police vehicle tests unit, the HEMI-powered police Charger can reach 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds. Compare that to the Ford, and you've left the competition in the dust. Compare it the now new Chevrolet Impala police car, and there's not even a question.

From a police officer's point of view, not many will tell you they don't like the new Dodge Charger. What they will tell you is the Impala's and Ford Vic's are simply not cutting it. The bad guy simply has more power and are not intimidated by the police.

Dodge has also said they will offer a police version of Magnum station wagon, which is even more great news. Most police departments need vehicles which extra interior room, but with the speed as well? Can it get much better then that? Even making things more ironic, Ford has threatened to stop selling police packaged vehicles because of the debate over the gas tanks.

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