ASP Tactical Police Handcuffs

Model: The ASP Tactical Handcuff provides a major advantage in both the design and the construction for wrist restraints. The handcuff's frame geometry alone is the result of extensive computer modeling and analysis. Strength potential in this handcuff has been maximized through the use of an interlocking and unitized frame. ASP's handcuff structure itself is forged from high-strength stainless steel. The flat bow section provides a single movement application preventing slippage on the wrist.

There is a keyway and double-lock channel on both sides of each handcuff, so removing the handcuffs is easier and safer. The red indicator alerts you if the handcuffs are not double locked.


• Lightweight weighs less than 9 oz.
• Interlocking unitized frame
• Dual keyway
• Deep set teeth for extra security
• Radiused edges
• One direction unlock
• Yellow double-lock indicator
• Includes standard handcuff key
• Fits in hinged handcuff pouches (will not fit in standard chain pouches)
• Serialized
About ASP
ASP manufactures a variety of police devices and tools. The police handcuffs are one of ASP's newest designs which are very light weight and preferred by several officers. The upside is the lightweight, locks on both sides of the cuff and its unique design. One bad point that we found was that they won't fit in most regular cuff cases, requiring the purchase of a special case for the Tactical Handcuff.

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