Dealer Gets Caught with Weapon

Although we cannot give out specifics as to names, locations, etc. we do our best to provide you with as much information as possible. All faces are blocked out, as well as license plate numbers.

Drug Dealers with Guns try to ditch us

One night a friend and I were pulled up next to each other talking when we noticed a black Tahoe approaching us. The vehicle appeared as if it was going to head straight until it noticed us on a side street, which it then slowed down, and turned. This of course made us suspicious. It was around 3:00 AM, which made it even more suspicious as we were on a side street.  My partner and I (both driving separate vehicles) went to follow the vehicle.  However, it rapidly accelerated in speed, turning the next corner it came to quick, and again accelerating.  At this point, the lights were on, and it appeared it was going to be a pursuit.

The vehicle (occupied by two males) then made an immediate turn into a driveway, turning left, which put the passenger side "away" from us as we were exiting our vehicles. As an officer in these situations you learn to get to the car quick, because more then likely something is going on (i.e. they're eating dope, hiding a gun, loading a gun, etc.) and the more time you give them, the more time they have to control the situation.

However, as the vehicle stopped in the driveway, I saw the driver throw something out the passenger window, and then simply act as if he did nothing.

When I approached the passenger side (my partner approached the driver's side), I acted as if I didn't see what just occurred. I remember talking with the passenger asking him what was going on, and he told me he was getting a ride to a friend's house. However my partner (later told me) the driver had a completely different story.

My partner placed the driver under arrest for an open container of alcohol that was sitting in the middle counsel. Subsequently, the passenger was arrested for the same charge, as neither party claimed ownership of it, and both had access to it. The were handcuffed and placed in our cruisers. When walking back to the passenger's side of the vehicle, I found a loaded revolver laying on the ground approximately 5 feet from the passenger door in the grass. A subsequent search of the vehicle found one baggie of crack cocaine, while another (found by my partner) of approximately 25 rocks (not pictured).

The suspects were booked and interviewed by a sergeant, and both blamed the other for the drugs and the gun. They were both lodged in jail, and the outcome was pleas to a lesser charge.

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