Police Scanners

Police Scanner Frequencies and the long awaited debate: Its always been a debate deciding if civilians should have access to portable police scanners. The reason is obvious; the criminal has the ability to listen to scanners simply by monitoring police scanner frequencies while he performs his crimes. Once he hears that police have been dispatched on his police scanner, he moves on.

So how can police combat the use of the portable scanners when they're put in the wrong hands? Simple. Several police agencies are now employing a method of dispatching the police officer via alternate channels, in-car computers, and some even via phones. The significance is obvious; more criminals caught! And with so many new companies manufacturing Police Scanners, its no wonders why. criminals are making use of then easier and easier. And when you consider how affordable scanners have become and how small they've become, their just that much easier to get and that much easier to conceal.

If you know of a police scanner frequency, please let us know and we will try to add it.

Police Scanner - NYPD - Live Scanner

Police - KY - Several police scanners to choose from

Police Scanner - Eufaula, AL - Live Scanner

Police Scanner - Orlando, FL

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