Police Survival: The Right Attitude

Keeping your mind right in a critical situation can mean saving your life
As police officers, we are faced with life threatening situations on a daily basis.  We go to domestic violence calls, man with a gun calls, fight calls, etc., etc. and it never ends.  And over time we tend to get relaxed in how we deal with people (which is a whole different topic).  But the point is, we're in a dangerous job.
But what happens to us when things go wrong?  When "we" take the shot, or are cut by the bad guy?  What happens when we're in a car accident and things seem to be going very wrong very quick?
Having taken several Critical Survival type classes, one of the most important things you should be telling yourself is that you WILL survive this, and that you will NOT GIVE UP.  We want to literally talk to ourselves and tell ourselves we will survive and not just give up.
But where should it start?

Right now, today, as you're reading this.  As a police officer, tell yourself now and then "I will survive any situation I get into because I am trained for it," "I will never give up, I am prepared for any situation I fall into because I train for it as an police officer," "I will never give up."
Now I'm not saying go get nutty on us, but the point is we as officers need to keep positive attitudes especially when it comes to our survival.  We don't want to give up in situations and think "It looks pretty bad, I'm not gonna make it," we want to say and think "I will survive this, doctors can patch me up and I will be back to catch this guy."  We don't use words like: try, and think, i.e. "I will try to survive this", or "I think I will survive."  These are negative words and trick our minds into thinking we really won't survive.  We WILL survive.
Giving Up?
Hell no!  Screw this guy; he's trying to kill me, trying to take away everything I've worked for, trying to take me away from my kids?  Giving up is never an option no matter how wore out or tired you are.  Are you going to just lay there and die?  Are you going to just give up?  You're in the fight of your life, the fight for your life.  Don't give up no matter what.

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