Police Auctions

What makes Police Auctions so unique? It doesn't matter whether you're here to look at a police car auction, police equipment, bid, or just watch, there's nothing like a live auction. It could be the thrill of beating out the competition, or even finding a police car auction that sells items below cost. Whatever the reason, police auctions are interesting even when simply watching.

Finding deals with an online police auction: There's no doubt that getting the best deal possible usually comes from police auctions, especially online. Companies that have went out of business, foreclosures, bankruptcies, government auctions, etc. offer incredible savings on name brand items. Some items are even brand new, never used. Companies are forced to liquidate their inventory, and offering the auctions online is the best way to do it. Finding unique items at a police auction: On one particular online police auction, we found some items that were nothing less then bizarre. It was some type of police issued baton that had a weird look to it, that turned out to be worth a lot of money and the seller had no idea. They were simply cleaning out their basement by putting items in an online police auction.


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Police Car Auction


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