Lawsuit Loan

One of the worst things you may have to face in your lifetime is suing a company, an insurance company or even an individual for wrong doing, or even your own police department. A Lawsuit Loan is usually most necessary when the wrong doing involves medical bills or when you are fired from your job. They basically allow you to obtain money up front to help pay your bills while your lawsuit is pending. As we all know, attorneys on the other end of the lawsuit (defending the company, insurance company, individual, etc.) will try to delay the court dates as long as possible, hoping to get a settlement by exhausting the plaintiff. But how do we obtain a lawsuit loan? There are actually establishments that will review your case while it is pending and make a determination on the possible outcome. If they believe your case will win, they loan you money based on what they believe your lawsuit will win.

The term "lawsuit loan" is actually used (usually) to a form of pre-settlement lawsuit funding which in and of itself is not actually a loan, but is rather a cash advance, termed "investment" or a form of venture capital. Because of this, actual loans or lines of credit may be available to finance lawsuits, which options are usually reserved to lawyers, law firms, attorneys, etc. However, plaintiff's in personal injury cases who seek to obtain a cash advance against the verdict or even a settlement in a lawsuit will not ordinarily be offered a loan; rather, will instead be offered "no recourse lawsuit funding".

A lawsuit loan (or lawsuit loan settlement) is actually advantageous to plaintiffs in that in the event the actual suit reverses and the plaintiff loses, or gets less then they thought, the plaintiff is not responsible for the debt, or the lawsuit loan obtained prior to the disposition of the case.

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