Online Degrees

The Benefits Of Online Degrees

If you asked about an online degree 10 years ago, you would get laughed at. But that's simply not the case anymore. Criminal Justice students can now get their degrees online while in the convenience of their own homes. And to put it frankly, that's simply amazing for a program like this.

But why would someone want to get it online? Convenience, but even better, from the school of their choice.

And that my friends is a big one.  When you can tell a department that you obtained your degree from an elite college, it carries some weight with it no matter how you slice it. But for the purpose of this article, we won't get into that for now Let's discuss the Pros. First off, they allow you to graduate earlier if you like, by letting you speed up the program if you are able. This is huge as it could speed things up from 4 years to 2 for example. Another great pro is that if your local school doesn't offer the classes, no criminal justice degrees are now available at your finger tips, and they're competing for your business.

Convenience. Quite simply not having to get ready for school by simply putting on a pot of coffee and sitting down at your computer is a dream come true for some. We know we would have loved it. In addition, you're saving time, gas, etc. by not having to drive to school, getting rides, more time spent, etc.

No rent fees, or dorm fees. This is a big one. Some of the costs associated with living in house for some colleges are astronomical, usually for the parents. By getting your degree online, you won't have to pay a single penny. In addition, teachers and other students that may live across the country or even in another country are only a click away. And that's just to name a few. You can easily see the benefits of getting your degree online.

However, what are the cons of getting your degree online?

You must be a disciplined person to get through the course. Its very easy to become distracted over a period of time, and lose your focus. Sitting in class could eliminate this, which we found is good for some people.

If you're not computer literate, you could run into problems (although, most programs make it as easy as possible to complete their courses, in step-by-step programs). But for the most part, an easy remedy would be simply to call someone to help you. Personal contact and interaction with the class can help you understand topics or examples that you may not have fully understood as well.

Conclusion: If you're debating about getting an online degree, we would encourage you to at least consider it. No more excuses about not having time, too lazy to go to school, etc. These schools have made it as easy its going to get, and the pros far outweigh the cons in our opinion. Even if you want to search for CJ programs, you can do that as well to see what's available.

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