Careers in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice can be referred as a system sustained by the local government to maintain the law and order situation in the country. It is the criminal justice officer's responsibility to have power over the crime and catch the culprit behind it.

If you're willing to pursue a career in criminal justice or want to switch your existing career to criminal justice then you can even get your criminal justice degree online from any top accredited online school because that way you can

study at any age and within the comfort of your home.

The careers in criminal justice which are available for you once you have gained your criminal justice degree online may include:

  • ATF Agent
  • Criminologist
  • Customs Agents
  • DEA Agents
  • Forensic Science

ATF Agent

You will most likely to be hired by the Government or the U.S Treasury Department if you choose to become a ATF Agent, as your Criminal Justice career after getting your criminal justice degree online, then your work will be to keep a check on the sale and possessions of alcohol, weapons and tobacco or drugs.


You will be conducting investigations on the reported cases hence dealing with witnesses and finding proofs as you will be working along side with the law enforcement agencies.


Being a criminologist you will be studying crime and analyzing the behavior or pattern in a crime taking place or the criminal behind it. If you take up criminology as your career in psychology then your work will revolve around researching and teaching.

You have a lot of options at your stand once you have gotten your masters in criminology online after getting your bachelors criminals justice degree online. You may conduct your own research and teach psychology or sociology at a local school or work for the Government or federal justice.

Customs Agent

Being a Custom Agent your work will spin around investigations and keeping a check on certain custom things like money laundering, smuggling of illegal drugs or arms, child pornography.

You will be keeping a check on the luggage and shipment and find if some one is trying to shift illegal stuff from one country or another. Being a custom agent you will come across drugs dealer, smugglers and normal people trying to smuggle prohibited electronic stuff. Though it is a dangerous job but if you think you are capable of facing the risk then it is one of the very respectable careers in criminal justice for those who have gotten their criminal justice degree online.

DEA Agents

DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration and as the name states you will have a slight idea that this job is related to controlling the rate of illegal drugs. If you wish to pursue your career in criminal justice, after getting your criminal justice degree online, as a DEA Agent then your work will be to check the law and regulations regarding illegal drugs. You will be implementing laws regarding drugs and taking actions those who do not act upon them.

Forensic Science

A forensic Science Officer helps solve crimes by collecting proofs and evidence from the crime scene. You will be working with different variety of people, if you practice forensic science as your career in criminal justice, therefore you should have the ability to get along with people. You should posses a good hand-eye coordination as you will have to pick up clues from the crime scene. You should be good at writing as you will end up writing an assortment of reports regarding your cases.

Being a forensic scientist you can work for state crime laboratories or else the federal crime laboratories.

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