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Department Of Corrections

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Rhode Island Department of Corrections
Provides information about facilities, programs, and administration.
South Carolina Department of Corrections
Provides public service information about facilities, programs, projects, and inmates.
South Dakota Department of Corrections
Information about state facilities and community programs as well as updates on prison escapees.
Tennessee Department of Corrections
Manages 17 adult institutions and six probation regions. Website includes FAQ on Tennessee prisons and sentencing.
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Current information that clearly defines the agency's primary functions and operations and explains how those responsibilities impact offenders and the general public.
Utah Department of Corrections
Official site providing information about offenders and facilities.
Virginia Department of Corrections
About the prison system in Virginia, most wanted lists, press releases and contact information.
Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Offers information and news about facilities, management services, inmates, and victim services.
Wyoming Department of Corrections
Official site for DOC prisons and field services, including information about parole policies, the Victim Notification Program, and research.

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