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Dumb Criminal Police Video - Dumb criminal tries to rob a bank.
Police Shoot Maniac With Gun - Man started shooting in a courthouse, killing 3 people.
Police Shootout - Man fires gun at police, police fight back.
Man Shoots At Cop During Police Stop - A man shoots at a cop during a traffic stop.
Man Pulls Gun On Police In Police Chase - The guy pulls out a gun on the cops. They comeback with shotguns. The chase is on.
Police Exams - Police training is key! Get the right training, and give yourself a chance. Don't be one of those guys who blows their one chance because they didn't prepare! Did you know that interviewers are watching "how" you walk into the room for your interview, or that what you say before or after your interview "could" be your real interview?
Police and Law Enforcement General Job Requirements - One of the most basic things you should know about law enforcement before even considering it is some of the basics to get hired.